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Friday, February 3, 2012

pick a card, any card

Or at least choose the card that best suits your needs.  That is what the Aussie soldiers in Afghanistan will soon be able to do. These are some gorgeous cards that my niece and my sister-in-law have just finished making for me to send over.

I think they are fabulous.  They look even better close up.  I am not posting them on AHQ as I do not want to start receiving all manner of homemade things but I know these will be well used.  My brother-in-law spoke to someone who has come back from over there and he said there was a box of cards in the common room that people could go and help themselves to and that is where these are destined to go.

no sewing here today - I spent an age on the phone on three different occasions  yelling at  talking to our internet service provider as we lost everything today - not happy.  As you can see it came back but it wasted so much time.  then it was time to do the taxi driver bit and it hasn't finished yet - I am off again in a few minutes to collect Fly Boy from Youth Group.  Luckily hubby is home and can to the midnight pickup from KFC for Guitar Hero's last shift.

I am off now - need a good night sleep so I can do something useful tomorrow to catch up!

Till next time....happy stitching!


  1. lovely cards Jan-Maree.xx

  2. What a cool idea! The cards are beautiful!

  3. What a thoughful idea of your SIL. I love them all especially the owls and cupcakes.
    Sleep well.

  4. What a Lovely Idea I am sure they will be Gratefully Accepted.

  5. Perfect and so thoughtful. Our woman's group send personaly written cards to the soldiers but how nice for them to have card to send home. I love you new picture of the Aussie with his Hero Quilt.

  6. Those cards are beautiful!
    I hope you get some rest and tomorrow is a better day!

  7. What a fantastic idea - I'm sure there will he some lovely messages written to family and friends in those cards.

  8. Gorgeous cards and a wonderful idea xxx

  9. The cards are beautiful. What a GREAT idea.

  10. When we're sitting in the comfort of our fully stocked homes, it's hard to imagine how these wonderful cards will be appreciated. This is fantastic plan !

  11. Beautiful cards and what a great thing for the soldiers! I hope you get your internet problems all straightened out!

  12. They are so cool. My husband does use the cards the ladies send from America, to write to our children, so they truly do get used & are very much appreciated, thanks Jan-Maree, love Posie


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