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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Oh Poop!

 I worked really hard today and managed to get both of my pink quilts layered and quilted and the binding sewn on except for the hand sewing.  There is just one small problem.  You might just be able to make it out in this photo.  There is a small tear in the pale pink floral.  I can't believe it was there all the time - surely I would have noticed it.  Anyway, I didn't see it till the quilt was half quilted so I will need to cover it up.  I have worked out a plan, I think, .......I will show you tomorrow night.
 After I finished sewing the binding on tonight I tossed each quilt onto the daybed at the front of my sewing table.  I was going to show you a photo of the backing I chose but look what I found there when I went to take the photos.  You can sort of see the backing of one of the quilts but Maisy looked so cute and cozy i didn't have the heart to disturb her.
 And Snickers had also got in on the act - With all the fuss of my computer being crashed TWICE I completely forgot to post an after shot since Snicker's haircut.  Remember the before.  She is a different dog!
The only other thing going on around here today was some baking - homemade meat pies for the boys and a little apple and cranberry pastry with the leftover pastry.  Mmmmmm!  I had intended to show you the inside of the pastry before I ate it but...................well, it was yummy!  Let's just leave it there!

Tomorrow I am baking cupcakes for a young lady's 16th and then more sewing.

Till then...Happy stitching!


  1. I know you will come up with something ingenious to cover the tear in the fabric! And it will look like it was planned that way!

    My dogs love quilts too! Maisy can sure make herself in a small little ball! I bet Snickers feels good with a new haircut!


  2. they sure look comfy. Applique hearts will hide a multitude of sins. I'm sure that you have a great idea to cover or repair, and I love pink so I know I'd love your quilts.

  3. Nothing that starts with "Oh Poop" can be good!! LOL
    Hope your repair plan works! I would probably do what Candace suggested and just appliqué something to hide it....but you are a much more experience quilter than i am, so will wait and learn !!

  4. Another busy day at JanMaree house. I can't see the tear but I know that you have a fix for it. Snickers and Maisy love it.

  5. Jan-Maree I can not see it from the photo. But I know that it is frustrating when that happens.
    Can not wait to see what you have planned for it though. Your fur babies are so cute. There is nothing like a loving quilt to snuggle up in.


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