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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Until Tuesday

No I am not talking about today being Tuesday!  I am talking about a fabulous new book that I have just read called "Until Tuesday".

It is written by a retired American Army Captain called Luis Carlos Montalvan about the impact is Service Dog "Tuesday' had on his life.  It is a fabulously heart warming read and once I started it I couldn't out it down!  I started it Saturday night, read more Sunday night and then last night after collecting Fly Boy from cadets came home and jumped into bed to read some more instead of heading to my sewing room.  I never do that!  This morning I decided to give myself an easy day as I have to go out tonight to a school music concert - in fact I have to go out and be Mum's taxi service every night this week with Fly Boy!  As soon as I got the boys on the bus this morning I headed for a comfy chair and decided to read till I finished the book which I have just done.  Now I can get on with other things.  I usually read when I get into bed at night but if the book is too good I can't put it down and then I get tired coz I stay up too late!  I loved this book.  It covers what happened to bring Luis to  the point where he needed a service dog as well as all that happened after that point.  I don't want to give too much away but I think you should read it.

I have done a little sewing in the last couple of days.  Yesterday  managed to finish the quilt top for my Sherbet Pips quilt and I bought the backing and binding fabric too.  The pale pink fabric is the backing and the stripy scarf fabric will be added to each side of the backing to make it wide enough. 

 I have also cut some of it on the bias to make the binding! 

I also managed to make some applique flowers to fuse on the top of the MWAH quilt - one of them covering the tear that I noticed only while I was quilting it!   The leaves don't seem to stand out as much as I had hoped once I ironed them on but I am planning to stitch around them with a dark contrasting thread so I think that will solve the problem! 

There won't be much more stitching now till tomorrow night.  I have to go out this afternoon and then again tonight to a school Music Showcase for my boys' school and then tomorrow is my quilt group meeting,  I will be playing Mum's taxi again tomorrow - collecting Fly Boy at 330pm along the bus route, driving to another school for an activity and then collecting him again at 7pm.  After that though I will be free for some sewing - and there will be no book to distract me!

Till next time.....Happy stitching!


  1. I'll have to check out that book...unless it's going to make me cry! I don't need any more tears!

    Your Pips quilt is so cheerful. I love the the bias binding! That will add so much to it! Your flowers are a nice touch; no one will know what one is hiding! I agree, stitching around them with a dark thread will make them stand out more.

    Good luck with your busy week!


  2. Very nice. I love the modern color scheme. You were so smart to cover the tear with applique! No one will ever know!

  3. I will put 'Until Tuesday" on my reading list. Your projects are coming along. Makes you almost wish the boys were driving--------well, maybe not.

  4. I am loving your sherbet pips quilt and what a good choice for the binding. I also like what you did to cover the tear. No one will ever know.


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