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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hopefully I am back

Oh boy!  What a few days.  First my computer crashed for no obvious reason on Saturday night and then my computer wiz guy came on Monday and performed some magic and fixed it.  Yay!  And then last night I opened an email from my son, which I thought was a bit strange as he doesn't normally use email much and he certainly never emails me.  That should have warned me .......but it didn't and I opened his email and BAM my computer died!  AGGHG!!!!  I didn't even swear.  I know amazing right!  Luckily my wonderful computer wiz was free and he came again today and performed some magic again.  Last night's attack was much more comprehensive that the first one so things are not quite back to normal but we are almost there.

Phew - glad that is over. 

So, what have I been working on in the mean time?  Firstly I have done lots of cutting out. This is going to be a signature quilt for my girlfriend's daughter Brooke.  She is going to the States on an exchange student program so my plan is that she can have her friends sign the quilt before she goes and her new friends sign it before she comes home.

 I have also cut out these - I am using up the scraps from a quilt my quilt group made and these are going to be paired with a homespun - grey maybe - not sure yet - for a very simple quilt for Quilts for Keeps.
 This is another quilt for Quilts for Keeps.  I have had this ready to sew for ages but couldn't make a decision til tonight and finally settled on a chinese coin quilt - I think I need some aqua sashing before I can go any further.
 And all of these are various piles of goodies to make for Ireland - bags, pot holders. jewelry bags, aprons
I have about half an hour's sewing time left so I can either sit and watch TV and nibble or sit and watch TV and sew - guess I am going to sew.

Bye for now - hopefully no one will crash my computer and I will be back tomorrow - hoping to do some quilting tomorrow.

happy stitching!


  1. You have me drooling over the colors and selections of fabric! As my sister's granddaughter says, "Prettiful!"


  2. We had our desk top hacked into on Sunday, got it back running yesterday with help from a geek from CyberDefenders. My husband works with Rotary Exchange students, it is such a good experience for them. What a novel idea to have her friends sign the quilt. Several years ago I made a quilt for our exchange student from Spain. He was such a neat kid, loved him, hated to see him go home.

  3. Our desk top was hacked in last Sunday, got it up and running yesterday with the help from Cyber-defender. My husband works with Rotary Exchange students, short and long term. What a novel idea to make a quilt for her before she goes overseas. I made a quilt for our exhange student from Spain, great kid, hated to see him leave.

  4. Yummy colors of fabric! Love it. I hate computer problems, like car problems. Good thing you have a wonderful tech who can come over and fix things for you!

  5. Beautiful goodies!! If Brooke is landing anywhere near Houston, TX, let me know and I'll give her a big 'ole Texas welcome! I hope your computer problems are solved. Ugh!

  6. fun! I was a rotary exchange student to NZ about a million years ago! She will have an awesome time!

  7. I just hate it when the computer acts up. But it sounds like it has given you plenty of time to do some sewing. You have been a busy girl.


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