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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Double Mystery Almost Solved

First up a lovely lady over here is getting together some 12 1/2 inch blocks to make a quilt for ......well it would be easier if you read about it on her blog. Anyway, this is the start of my block -
I am going to do a kind of log cabin block with the puppy in the middle and green and orange strips surrounding it. Love this puppy material, it reminds me of Maisy (world's cutest dog!)
go check out the project. You might like to do one too! My block will go nicely with one that LaDonna did. I just love hers. Check it out!

Today I managed to get the blocks for both of my Mystery Quilts sewn together - had I told you that it had grown from one quilt to two?
This is my favourite. I have yet to sew the blocks together. I think it need a dark border - maybe a patterned black - any suggestions? I am hoping a teenage boy will like this - it is for Quilts for Keeps which means it will go to a child in hospital with a serious illness (or their sibling). I was hoping it would suit a teenage boy but both of mine assure me it is too bright - whatever - at least it is bright and cheery.
This is going to be quilt number two. I have eight of these blocks and i need to expand the quilt a bit so i am thinking a nice wide sashing and then a border.
I auditioned a couple of fabrics. I am trying to get out of my comfort zone a bit as i would usually go for a more tone on tone fabric. I am not sure about the red.
But I think I like this black "flame" fabric. I probably have enough of the black to do it all. do you think should put a plain red sashing and then border it in the black? Sorry the photo is a bit blurry. it is too late to go and take another.
I think I need to mull over this for a while. I have to cook and shop tomorrow so i wont get to sew till tomorrow night. Hopefully by then I will have made a decision!

Till next time........................happy stitching!


  1. Beautiful blocks! I think a plain red sashing might look neat with the black flame.

  2. That black flame does tone down the cheery colors of the block...just what a boy would want. Red would work great. I love that block!

  3. How cheery! If I were doing it (and I realize I'm not) I would put a border of the golden yellow and then a narrow border of the blue. Of course, I would lay the fabric out and "audition" it with those colors first. I'm often surprised when I find I have to change my mind! :-)

  4. Love it and I am sure that who ever receives it will love it boy or girl xxx

  5. I just love your blocks. Wow they are going to make a child so happy.

  6. Cute doggie fabric. And I think it'll go great with LaDonna's block also. The blocks on your quilts are so bright and colorful. I think any kid would love the cheerfulness. I prefer the red background on the second quilt. I love how you made the pinwheels. Beautiful job - so creative!!

  7. I love the pinwheels, and I think they would go great with either fabric. I think that I'm a little partial to the red.


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