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Monday, June 13, 2011

No rest for the wicked!

Today was a public holiday (for the Queen's Birthday for my overseas friends) but I haven't actually taken it easy.  I started cooking around 8am and finally quit around 130pm.  Phew was I bushed but at least it was all done and my husband was home to help me continually wash up and put away utensils and bowls ready for each next job.  I started with apple muffins and orange and poppy seed muffins.  They are the currency I use to pay the hairdresser and the boys are having their haircut tomorrow night.

Next I made potato bake for tonight's dinner - I was expecting to me out this afternoon so doing it in advance made it easier. 

I also cooked up a batch of meat sauce to use for lasagna, or spaghetti bolognaise - my kids like the mix so I use the same one for several dishes. 

I also made another double batch of chocolate chip cookies; some for my quilt group for our working bee on Wednesday and some to give to the family that is taking Linton to and from a band competition on Wednesday night. 

And finally I made apple pastries.  Really simple and made with bought pastry but yummy heated up and eaten with cream or ice cream.   I took a meal of braised lamb shanks and veggies to my girlfriend and her husband tonight and the pastries are for their desert. 

On the sewing front I managed to get the flower quilt block sewn together last night and i am really pleased with how they look.  I won't post a pic till I have put the borders on.  I have finally decided what to do with the borders but I will surprise you with a picture when I get it done!  First I have to buy the border fabric.  I went to the shop today ----only to find it closed!  Dah!  It is a public holiday!

Tonight's adventures with the sewing machine have resulted in more work on the mystery quilt - lots of this......

 will eventually become like this.  Lots of ironing to do in the mean time.    :-(
Now it is bedtime so until next time...............Happy stitching!


  1. I love baking, but I don't think I would want to do all that baking in one day! You might want to share that apple pastry recipe with us some time! When I was little, you could get Fried Apple Pies (that looked like that). Since we now know that fried food is unhealthy, I don't see them anymore. I have wondered if you could bake them.
    I feel a little lost if the quilt shops are closed, although I don't get into town much to go.

  2. I'm trying to figure out what skill I have that I could get paid in delicious treats! I agree with Linda, please share the recipe!


  3. Those apple pie/turnovers look so yummo... and I love how you pay the hairdresser such a great idea xxx

  4. I can see why the hairdresser gets excited when your appointment is due.Yum what a fabulous cook you are. It all looked so fabulous and you found time to stitch.....I am super impressed.
    Michelle xx

  5. Oh my everything looks delicous. I will cut your hair for some wonderful treats.


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