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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Flower Power and then some!

I actually feel like I achieved something today.   Started the day with some errands including visiting my two local quilt shops to get the fabric I needed to work on current projects.  Photos soon.  I managed to get the backing and binding for my Sherbet Pips quilt.  I plan to work on that tomorrow so you should see photos tomorrow or Tuesday, all being well.  I also managed to get the fabric I needed for one of the current round robin quilts I am working on.

This afternoon, in between playing mum's taxi, I got some more sewing done.  First these tea towels which go in the mail tomorrow for a friend's birthday.
 Next a very simple project but I really love this fabric so I used up all the scraps and cut out some bookmarks.  These are just the first two.  I needed a new bookmark and decided it was time to sew a couple up.
 Finally tonight my Rainbow Scrap Challenge flower blocks.  I have sewn some of these for each colour month, other than green.  These are tonight's effort.
 Yes, I realise they aren't yellow but the use some yellow scraps and I have decided to finish this quilt off this month instead of starting a new project. I will be using yellow to sash between these blocks when I put them together!   Every time I make a flower block I end up with one of these pinwheels.  I have only sewn four tonight but I have saved heaps - another quilt I expect!

 Oh my goodness.  I have just counted up and I have 24 of these blocks made up and another ten cut out and ready to go.  Maybe I need to make that up to 36.  I think that might be enough for 2 quilts - just my luck!  Ha Ha   Maybe one to keep and one to give to Quilts for Keeps.  Scratch that - I just found two more partially sewn ones that had fallen on the floor so that makes 36!

 I have just noticed in the photo, which I hadn't noticed before, that not all the flowers are facing the same way.  I might have to get creative with the layout when I eventually decide on the layout.....
That is a job for another night.......for now.....Happy stitching!


  1. What sweet flower blocks. Love the yellow.

  2. Another busy day at JanMaree's house. You can never go wrong with sweet Sunbonnet Sue. Flower blocks are coming together nicely, will make a beauty of a quilt.

  3. I also love the flower blocks! These would be great for making with my granddaughter, who is 8 and loves flowers. Hmmm......thanks for the idea!

  4. I like that the flowers aren't going all the same way! Love the bookmarks!


  5. I think the flowers going in different directions look great - like they are being blown by the wind!

  6. Love the tea towels. If you have any extras my birthday is in August. LOL I like the fact that the flowers aren't all the same. They look great just the way they are.

  7. You have been a busy girl. Love your tea towels. Your flower blocks are great. I just love that pattern.

  8. I had to really stare at the blocks for a while to see what you were saying...I could not see the difference. It's a fabulous field of flowers!

  9. Is there a pattern for this flower block?
    I love it.


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