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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cold wet and rainy - the perfect day to sew!

Perfect sewing weather today.  Didn't get as much done as I would have liked but I still achieved something.  A while ago I started these pot holders which will go to Ireland as part of my contribution for the International Charity Bazaar which my girlfriend is organising.  Today was a good day to finish them off.  I made a mistake with the first two when I was sewing the binding on.  As I like to machine sew the binding on I prefer to sew it first on the back and then fold it over and top sew it down on the front.  I think that gives a neater finish.  Unfortunately I sewed the first two with the binding on the front to start off with and didn't realise till it was too late.  Hmph!  Oh well.  I sewed the binding down on the back as neatly as I could and determined not the make the mistake on the others! 
 Of course I did the first two potholders last night and then when I sat down this morning to sew the rest i forgot about it and had sewn another ten - yes ten!!! before realising my mistake....again!  So, I have decided to take my friend up on her offer - her mother will hand sew for me as hand sewing hurts my hands, especially pot holders as they are a bit thinker than a quilt!  Poop!  But at least they will be done nicely for sale and that is the main thing.  Here they are with the binding pinned in the corners ready for sewing.

Every time I show photos of blocks or quilts made using the flower block pattern like in my last post I get at least one request from someone asking for the pattern,  I am always really happy to share any pattern that I have made up but I am not sure how to go about things when it is not my pattern so bear with me.  The pattern comes from this book from Moose on the Porch Quilts.  They have their own blog and a shop I believe.  I note they also have a new book out called Simply Charming Fun.  I hope that helps anyone interested in the pattern.
And as for me tonight - I think the TV and sofa and snuggly dog are calling my name.

Till next time.......happy stitching!


  1. I prefer sewing the binding on the back first also if I plan to machine sew the binding. I've read that gluing the binding down with school glue, which will wash out, will keep it in place while you sew from the other side. Haven't tried it but it might be worth a try. Getting a friend to do the handsewing is the easiest way though. I could use a friend like that - hurts my hands too to sew binding! Cute potholders!

  2. I guess it doesn't take long to get into a rut, I mean, habit, lol! I have sewn something wrong, ripped it all out, and then promptly sewn in the exact same way again! I know how you feel! Don't be too hard on yourself!


  3. I guess we've all made those types of mistakes. I hate it when I continue to repeat my mistake. The potholders are wonderful. I love the fabrics and colors you used!!

  4. Love your potholders. I hate it when I make a mistake it seems my brain wants to keep on doing it the same way. That is sweet that your friends mom to help you hand sew them down.


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