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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pinned and ready

Some of the girls in my quilt group came over today and we worked hard.  Quilt to be layered was the Quilt for Ireland.  You can see the bindle of binding sitting ready to go - that is the same as the backing.

Next we sewed the borders on the two mystery quilts that I have been working on and layered them.  I really like the yellow in this one and the burghundy/dark red tones the quilt down, which my boys said was necessary to make it more boy friendly.  Who knows......but the colours worked so why not.
I have to say I love the blue border on this - loved it from the minute I put it next to it and it wouldn't have been my first choice of colour for the border.  I forgot to take the quilt to the shop when I went to choose borders and had to guess and the only reason I grabbed the blue was becuase it was such a lovely colour but it seems to bring the quilt to life.  Everyone else had the same reaction.
 In between, whilst backings were being pieced etc the girls helped turn these bags right way out and pressed them so that now they are ready for top stitching.  some of these are bound for the Irish Charity Bazaar.

Today I have some guys installing a pergola over our BBQ area and I want to quietly watch what they are doing so I am going to set up and sew on my dining room table.  Hopefully I will get some aprons made for Ireland too.

Till next time...............happy stitching!


  1. My you have been very busy!! I love the blue border too, great choice.

  2. Great job getting all that work done! I think the blue looks perfect.

  3. You girls were so busy... so nice to have friends close by to help out... all the quilt tops look wonderful and u r so right about the blue fabric xxx

  4. What a lot of work! You have been busy. I am curious about your work for Ireland?

  5. You girls were busy little bees today. They are very nice, but what pattern in the first quilt?

  6. Wait a second . . . something's fishy here . . . there are no pictures of the yummy goodies I'm sure you served while your quilt group slaved away??!!! I know you made something!!

    As usual, your projects are amazing and I think the borders on both the quilts turned out lovely. I like those bags too! Awesome job!!

  7. The quilts are beautiful! I'm with Cathy. I'm also curious about your work in Ireland.
    It looks like you've been really productive!

  8. Your group sure gets a lot done! All the projects look great, but I love the blue one!


  9. Wow you guys really boot scoot and boogie. Looks like you had a great day.


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