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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Trimmed and Terrific!!!!! At last

Trimming would have to be my least favourite part of quilting! My mystery quilt is comprised of 100 blocks and I have finally finished trimming all of them - hooray!!!!!

First I trimmed these......
 And then I trimmed these.........
 And ended up with these........
Got to love the colours!!!!
And now for something cute.  I decided to have a quick snooze this afternoon as someone who shall remain un-named (Guitar Hero......well it isn't his real name) kept me up till midnight with a last minute rush to complete an assignment!  Grrrrr.  Anyway, I was trying to sleep and I felt someone watching me!
This is Maisy.  She was sitting less than a foot from my face and was waiting patiently for me to get up!  Lucky she is so cute!!!


  1. I know what you mean about trimming! I have to remind myself, it's worth taking the time to trim in the end, saves a lot of headache! I do love the colors! Maisy is such a sweetheart!


  2. I agree that trimming is so important.....and boring. Can't wait to see what you are working, it looks neat! Maisy is sure a cutie!

  3. Colors are beautiful and all that dreadful trimming is done. Maisy is a cutie, have to love that face.

  4. That is a lot of trimming !! Lots like something exciting though! Cant wait to see it.
    Yes, that little friend is very cute!

  5. Your top photo is kind of 'arty"...As for Maisy, she is too adorable...

  6. Yep, yep, yep....I DO gotsta LUV them colors!!


  7. OH that is going to look gorgeous love the colours... waiting patiently for a looky xxx

  8. You're a possessed woman (and I mean that in a very nice way!!). I admire the quality and quantity of your craftsmanship. Where do you find the energy??!! Looking forward to the next round of sneak peeks. Maisy - what a cutie!!

  9. I bet you are glad all that trimming is done. Maisy is just the cutest fur baby ever I just love her ears. She looks like she has a fun personality. Hope you get to sleep more tonight.

  10. I have to agree about the trimming - yuck! I often think I can take a shortcut and it always ends up being much more work. Cute puppy - what kind is she?

  11. I thought the top picture looked like art too! My Charlie does the same thing, except that he gets to where he just can't stand it, looses patience and licks my nose. Being cute is definitely a survival technique!

  12. I love how blocks look when they are all trimmed and stacked up. I've decided that I'm not trimming any blocks more blocks until I get either a ruler or a piece of plexiglass the exact size. I got one for the RRCB cut out 11" square and it was great. I figure eventually I'll have one in every size, lol. Maisy is super adorable.


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