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Friday, June 17, 2011

Working 9 to 5!

In order of priority!  Most important duty of the day!  I have booked my tickets to see Dolly Parton when she tours Oz later this year.  Don't care what anyone else says, I like her and that's that.  I warned my husband that I was buying two tickets and he wasn't expected to come with me - but he was expected to pay for them!  That's the deal right?  He earns it, I spend it!  We all have a job to do! I rang my girlfriend and asked her to come with me, and she had to think about it and ring me back.  First she thought that it wasn't her thing but her fifteen year old daughter told her she had to go as we are friends and that is what you do (love that girl!) and then her husband said he would go if she didn't(love that guy!!!), and that sealed it so she googled Dolly Parton and watched her on YouTube and convinced herself she could cope with it and agreed to come with me!  What a hoot!  I actually think her show will be fun and it won't matter if you are not a huge fan as long as you like the music and we both do!  So, yay!!!!  Roll on 15 November!

Dolly Parton - Visa Entertainment Pre-sale

Thanks for all the comments re the flower quilt.  I have taken it off the design wall for the moment as the mystery quilt needed to go up there so I could plan the next stage.  When the design wall is free again I will put the flower quilt back up and try a few things out.  I do love bloggy friends for all the helpful suggestions and different perspectives!  Thanks guys!

Managed to buy some fabric to complete the top of the mystery quilt to day, plus backing for the "Aussie to Ireland" quilt. (photo of the latter later)
 Also managed to do some more sewing on the mystery quilt.  I have to put this away for a while now as I need to make a couple of birthday presents and work on two round robin quilts.
On another note my husband has just returned from a trip overseas.  One of the destinations he visited was London and look who he brought back.  Do you know what it is?
This is Wenlock - one of the mascots for the 2011 London Olympics!    He is named after the small town of Much Wenlock in Shropshire - which hosted a precursor to the modern Olympic Games in the 19th Century.  The second mascot is named Mandeville, after the birthplace of the Paralympic Games, Stoke Mandeville hospital in Buckinghamshire.  Apparently the yellow light on the top of his head is to pay homage to London taxis.   Author Michael Morpurgo has created a story around the pair in life for both began as two drops of steel from a factory in Bolton, taken home by a retiring worker who fashions characters out of the metal for his grandchildren.   They appear to have a single central eye, explained as a camera lens, through which they'll see the world, and respond to it.

Isn't that interesting!  Not sure what I think of him though.  I think I like the cuddly soft fur ones but the children in the focus group were very much sure about not wanting that!

Lastly, here is what I have been working on today.  I think it is safe to post this as I am pretty sure the recipient doesn't read my blog and the ones that do won't tell on me! 
I have to say I am quite pleased that it worked out.  I used a tutorial I found here changing the shape of the top slightly to go with my hot water bottle.  I am actually quite pleased with the quilting.  I have decided that as far as FMQ is concerned that as long as I like the results that is good enough for me - it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.  
I think I will be making some more of these in time.  That is about it for me tonight.  Hubby is about to walk thru the door after a long flight home - long because of delays at the airport.  He is only home till Sunday morning when he heads off again :-( so I am going to post this and get ready to go and greet him - that is if he gets home before I have to go and collect Fly Boy from Youth Group.  No rest for Mum's taxi!  Till next time..............happy stitching!


  1. I love Dolly! I have never seen her show, but I'm sure it will be delightful! Your hot water bottle cover turned out great! Love the circle quilting! I don't know what to think about Wenlock. Maybe if I read the story, he would be more appealing to me...I never was much of a stuffed animal person!


  2. Have FUN at the Dolly concert! I think she'll put on a good show and you'll enjoy it. I love the fabric and the binding on the hot water bottle. Very pretty. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. What a hoot! Dolly is so much fun...and I dont even like Country music..you will have a blast!
    I really like your quilting on that cover! Great job! I need to get a little braver and try some new quilting designs!
    By the way...how did the bag of candy go over? I bet she was thrilled!

  4. I happen to like Country quite a bit and Dolly's concert seems like it would be so much fun. I've wanted to visit Dollywood just to see the place and also to visit the beautiful mountains. We keep say maybe one day.

    Really like that hot water bottle holder. I should make one for my dad. He's a fanatic about anything that keeps him warm.

    Um, does Wenlock have eyes?

  5. I am sure you will have heaps of fun at your concert and plenty of memories..... love that water bottle cozy the fabric is just wonderful and the quilting just matches so well... enjoy having hubby home for the weekend xxx

  6. Dolly Parton-----you will have a wonderful time, and so will your friend. If you get past all the makee-up and plastic surgery, she is one very talented lady. The list of songs that she has written and not only sung by her but many other artist is staggering. Have a good time.

  7. Its great when we have the opportunity to see these mega-stars in our country ! Good for you that you're going !!!I love the alphabet fabric and the water bottle is great...
    Have a great weekend!

  8. Woo Hoo good for you! Dolly Parton is great and I love you r hottie cover. Great pebbles!


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