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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Today's efforts

More work today on a quilt for Queensland.  We were given the four kaleidoscope blocks and needed to add to them.  I cut out the eight extras and Cynthia from my quilt group sewed them up. I started sewing the lime green on these yesterday and finished it off today.  Got to say I am loving the lime green (but then I usually do).  Now to sew the blocks together and then add a teal blue border.  Then to find a backing.......
I was hoping to sew the blocks together tonight but hubby came home from a two week trip which is nice, kids forgot to take their nice pills this morning and are showing the effects tonight (not nice) and all I feel like doing is relaxing on the sofa in front of the TV with my ever loving dogs! (hubby is unpacking and reacquainting himself with his home office and emails) Stitching can wait till tomorrow!

Happy stitching to you.


  1. I am loving the lime green border too!

  2. Me too! I think once the teal border is added it's really going to "POP"!! You're cracking me up with your description of your kids!! Glad your husband is back. What state did he travel to here?

  3. Looking good! We all need a little break from sewing and a little sofa time.

  4. Love the different lime greens! Very interesting! Looking forward to seeing it all done! I need some sofa time too.


  5. I think the kaleidoscope quilt is so neat. I just love it and the greens are wonderful. Hope you get to take a break.

  6. Beautiful quilt -- I love the blue with the snazzy lime green, Where do you get those nice pills -- my grandchildren could use them some days. Glad your hubby is home, mine drives me crazy but after 31 years I don't sleep well without him:)

  7. Love the colour you used. My sewing time is non-existent at the moment; life gets in the way sometimes.Hang in there!


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