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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A new beginning

This year is supposed to be the second year of completing UFO's but it is also my year to get started in free motion quilting.  Every second Wednesday I go along and join an informal class run by Amanda where we each take our own project to work on.  Next class I am going to start a new quilt which is one of Amanda's patterns.  It is a quilt as you go quilt and will give me a largish quilt with 16 blocks in it.  I intend to practice free motion quilting on each of those blocks.  It will actually kill two birds with one stone.  As well as giving me the chance to practice my FMQ, it will also give me a purpose made quilt to throw over the nice new red sofa we bought to go in the boys' TV room.  I need something good and serviceable.  Something that can withstand greasy chip fingers, and cans of Lift and Fanta and the like.   Probably nothing can really but this will have to do. 
These are the fabrics for the front - the black and white ones came from my stash, the coloured ones I had to buy - 16 fat quarters are needed for the front.  I have included a number of music fabrics as both my boys love to play  music - keyboard, drums, acoustic guitar and electric guitar!

16 fat quarters are also required for the back.  Once again lots of music fabric but also a doggy print - my boys love their dogs and geometric fabric just because!
I am quite excited about starting this quilt - love the colours and fabrics and looking forward to doing the quilting!  Not so looking forward to doing the hand stitching that will be required but you can't have everything!

Well, that is about all my news for tonight.  Only two sleeps till my boys go on their music camp for three nights - I am only being honest  when I say I am looking forward to not having to listen to "screamo" music (if you don't know what it is count yourself VERY LUCKY!), I will enjoy NOT having to get the boys up for school on one morning, not having to feed them all weekend and never being able to provide them with enough junk food to satisfy them!  Apparently the healthy stuff in our house (and that includes my home made cookies etc) is not filling or satisfying!  Ahh the peace - I can hear it now - as I said - two sleeps.    I will however, really enjoy going to collect them and watching the end of camp concert - always worth seeing!  AND I will enjoy all the lovely sewing I can get done in their absence!

Till next time - Happy Stitching


  1. Well enjoy your time... sew up a storm and have fun doing it!

  2. Love your fabrics...enjoy your time flying solo!

  3. Nice selection of black and whites, will be a beautiful quilt.

  4. I have always wanted to learn how to quilt as you go. Your fabrics are awesome. Hope you enjoy your time and that you get to sew sew.


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