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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

If you want something done........

No time for sewing last night - well not much anyway.  My main task?  Supervise my lovely husband alphabetising his CDs!  Yes - what fun!  My husband was made redundant on the 31st of December and I told him at the time that he didn't have to worry about being bored as  the "honey do" list, all those jobs he had not been around to do when he was working (over the last 16 years!!!), was growing by the minute.  The first job we tackled was tidying and re-organising the house and garage.  You have no idea!!  The darling man is a hoarder, a pack rat or, in Aussie terms, a magpie!  He keeps (kept) everything.  When we started sorting papers for example, and putting things aside to shred, we did not expect to end up with upwards of 30 large garbage bags of shredded paper - and that included a lot of  documents going back twenty years.  Every step of the way I have had to sit with him and "supervise" as his forte is moving things from one pile to another - usually from the sort-through-it-now pile to the sort-through-it-later pile.  But it has all been worth it as we have got rid of a HEAP of junk to the tip, sold lots on eBay, sent car loads to St Vinnies (Goodwill in America) and given loads to friends (aren't they lucky!) 
We are now reaching the final stages of the sorting, tidying and re-organising and my husband is about to accept a job offer, start date looming, and we want to get everything done beforehand.  So, if I wanted the CDs put away before Christmas then alphabetising had to be done.

This is him sorting all the "C"s into order - funnily enough there are a lot of singers, bands starting with the letter C.  Who knew?
I might add that my husband has had to accept that he won't be able to complete all the jobs on the list before he starts work. I did warn him that whatever didn't get done would be completed by a paid handyman and he seems to have accepted that.  The last bastion to be sorted and tidied is his office - give me strength - but if I don't "supervise" it won't get done and I know he will feel better and function better once it is done - and I will also be able to find things more easily as well.
So, while he is tied up with pre-employment meetings and conferences Wed, Thurs and Friday this week I will be sewing like mad because next week I will be "supervising" like made. I am so excited I can hardly contain myself........no really........would I kid you!

Till next time, Happy stitching!

P.S. probably just as well he doesn't read my blog really.............


  1. Too funny, Jan-Maree! And congrats on his new job! What would our darling husbands do without us?!


  2. I feel your pain!! I too have a hoarder...oops....Magpie!

  3. I love that He lets you supervise! Good Luck on that Honey do list!

  4. I love that he listens to you and does it!!

  5. What a great guy doing what he's told... he'll be happy to back to work after it all!My other suggestion with the cd's is to download the lot into mp3 format to be available in iTunes and sell them. Less space required and music at your fingertips without having to carry them around.That's what we do here with all our music!

  6. You're cracking me up!! Have fun with the "supervision"!! Congratulations to hubby on his new job!

  7. Give congratulations to your husband on his new job. I must say I have been given an advanced course on sorting out stuff recently - my father was a hoarder and an aunt lived in the family home of 80 years.... So as I don't want to pass on the problems I too am stealing myself for the necessity of sorting.


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