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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Scrappy Saturday - yay!!!

Well whose idea was it to make a quilt from my green scraps this month!  Oh yeah!  Mine!  Well it finally happened.  I finally got all the half square triangle blocks, all 400 of them, sewn, cut, pressed and trimmed of annoying little corner bits!  Today I spent quite a bit of time organising them in to 16 piece blocks so that I minimised the duplication of fabrics.  Had to have some double ups, but only as many as necessary. 
Here they are stacked up in groups of 16 ready to be sewn into blocks
And here are the first five or twenty five blocks.  Five rows of five blocks will make it about 80 inches square but I need to increase it to 88 x 96 inches.  I think I will be doing a border but what sort I have no idea.  I will wait till it is all put together and then choose.  My boys go on camp from Thursday night to Sunday arvo so I am planning to have all 25 bocks finished by then. 

Wish me luck!  And now, to bed.  Two teenagers with five assignments between them to mostly start and finish tomorrow - it is going to be a long day of listening to them complain!  I need a good rest tonight!

Till next time.........Happy stitching!


  1. That looks like tons of fun! Love all the greens.

    Good luck with those teenagers! They sure know how to wear you down when they want to. hehehe. Thank goodness mine is 26 now!!

  2. Love it, but then I seem to have a thing for triangles! Your greens look so good together! Good luck!


  3. hahaha....I can sooooo relate to the teen dilemma!!! It exhausts me no end!!!
    I'm loving seeing these blocks develop!....so motivating!!!
    XX sugary hugs
    Wendy :O)

  4. Love the colors on the quilt! It's going to be beautiful!!

  5. I love this design and the colors! Seriously, everytime I come to this blog you inspire me to try something!

  6. These blocks look fantastic, the more I look at them the more designs I see. Great way to use your scraps but it sure takes heaps of time to cut them all up !

  7. Your progress with the green half square triangles is coming right along. I like how it is turning out. Have a fun weekend.

  8. Really beautiful half square triangles. The teenager thing -- it wore me out.

  9. I am familiar with the sounds of teenagers complaining about school work:)
    Your blocks look fabulous! You could add a green sashing with a border to make it larger.

  10. Oh wow you have been working hard putting those together. You are going to have a beautful quilt with these

  11. I love your design. Those greens are beautiful.

  12. This is beautiful! What a lot of HST's, it will be a wonderful quilt.

  13. What a wonderful quilt. So many HST's in such little time. Can't wait to see the finish with border.

  14. You are not alone with all those blocks!!! I have 480 blocks to make up my green quilt this month!!! I finally got mine pressed and sewn into units. I hope to make some of the 48 blocks tonight!
    Your quilt is looking sharp!

    Quiltingly Yours

  15. You are really making great progress on this quilt and it looks good too!


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