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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Retail therapy!

What does a quilter do when she needs a little retail therapy?  Well, of course she buys fabric.  And today I had fun.  There was cause to celebrate (you will have to wait a few days to find out exactly why) and so I hit the shop, well, shop.  I had had my eye on a gorgeous roll of 10 inch squares of pastel rainbows for a while..mmmmm yum!
 I had also been drooling over a gorgeous rainbow of 2 1/2 inch strips
 And then I had to choose a backing for a cute teddy quilt that you will see in a minute.  This is from the French General for Moda - not my normal taste but I just loved the letters for a boy's quilt back and the second fabric I just loved!
 And finally I chose a couple of packs of charms squares - $16.50 - with the Aussie dollar the way it is these should be the same price as in America - but they never are!
 This is the teddy quilt.  The almost completed panel was donated to the quilt group to finish off so it could be sent to Queensland.  There is a small tear that needs covering up - tomorrow's job - and quite a bit of the applique needed to be completed.  One of the other girls, Cynthia, completed all the embroidery of the facial features and I am doing the applique.  Nearly finished........but it is late so the rest tomorrow.
 These teddies have gone from this
 to this
But that is enough for tonight.  Till next time............Happy stitching!


  1. What a FUN day! I LOVE all your fabric choices and can't wait to see what wonderful quilts/projects you will make with them. Nice job on the teddy bear quilt. I like the backing you chose for it also. Enjoy your sewing day!

  2. I love all your fabiecs. So glad you had fun. It feels so good to buy lovely things and bring them home and just look at them and figure out what treasure you can make with them But I am in love with the teddy bear quilt.

  3. Nice fabrics it's so nice to add new fabrics to your stash... even if we don't need them hehehe... loving the teddy bear quilt xxx

  4. I love fabric therapy, a little too much! You have some really nice selections, especially the batiks! I know whatever you do with the fabrics will be fantastic! And the teddy bears are so cute!


  5. Love those batiks!!! Fabric therapy is always my favorite fix!


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