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Monday, March 21, 2011

Sewing Bee!

We had a mini sewing bee today to work on quilts for Queensland.  I say MINI because we only had four of us but not because of what we accomplished.  I think we did pretty well.

Andrea cracked the whip today (although she will say it was me but you know better). A few weeks ago we were given 9 mini pinwheels by Country Pickins, our local quilt store, along with a bunch of orphan blocks so we could make stuff for Queensland. Well I found there was enough stuff to make 3 more pinwheels, that made 12, then I bordered them with green and combined them with some aqua blue squares. At that point I ran out of coordinating fabric so I passed it on to Andrea and she came up with fabric for some more pinwheels and plain squares and in the quilt group's stash in my back room we found some aqua for backing and borders. We managed to get all the exta pinwheel blocks sewn and put it all together today!  I think it has made a great girl quilt considering we started with 9 3 inch pinwheels!

We were also given some teddy bear blocks, some completed but most needing their faces embroidered on.  the girls finished their faces last Wednesday at our regular meeting and then Andrea bordered all the blocks on SaturdayToday we added sashing and a narrow border and now it too is ready to layer.

Cynthia spent today sewing eyes and mouths etc on teddy bears on the teddy bear shelf quilt which was another donation, and I have the applique to finish on that this week.  this is it before all the detail was added.  I will post another photo after I have finsihed all the applique. 

Andrea also has a purple and green one that is almost completed.  Another Gumnuts member, Del, who does lovely embroidery did a gorgeous circle of friends in the middle of it and Andrea has another border to add to bring it up to size.  And finally there is a teal and blue quilt that started out as four blocks and grew to twelve after I cut out 8 more blocks and Cynthia sewed them.  I hope to have that together by Monday too. 

I think that makes five quilts that will hopefully be ready to layer and quilt.  Sounds like another working Bee. At this stage scheduled for Monday the 28th. I am not sure that we will make the deadline for finishing all of them in time to deliver them by the end of the month to go to Queensland but they can always go to Japan if we are late.  Somehow, sadly, we don;t expect to be short of people who need a little quilting love!


  1. I just love the quilts ya'll are making. You guys are great hearts to do this for others in need.

  2. You are right, sadly there is no shortage of people in need. It really is terrific that you are able to help.

  3. WOW you girls were very productive... love the teddy bear quilt and I am sure some little person is going to feel very special xxx

  4. I would say it was a "Good Day." These quilts will make some little ones very happy.


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