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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Another day of peaceful sewing!

 Another blissful day of sewing.  I guess if every day was like this I might get a bit bored.............nah!  Who am I kidding!  With everyone else in this household on camp or business travel and just me (and the dogs) at home I have been sewing, sewing, sewing!  I really hadn't expected to do much more this weekend than finish my green quilt so having completed it last night made today a bonus day.  First up I got stuck into some pinwheel blocks we were given.  Our local quilt shops gave me a bunch of orphan blocks to do something with for Queensland.  Among them were twelve 3" pinwheel blocks.  I went to my stash and found some green so sashed then with that and then combined then with blue blocks and that was the total of fabric that I had that worked with it.  I went out to dinner with two friends from quilt group tonight, Andrea and Jennie, so I passed it off to Andrea so she can see if she has anything that goes with it.  Hopefully she will have something!
As soon as I was finished with that I went on to my next project.  I told you in my last post that there is a push to send quilts to Japan and I had been planning to cut out a quilt to send so I got straight on to it.  I can't remember where this pattern came from.  My quilt group made several of these as charity quilts the year before last, or maybe the year before that, and I made at least four myself, one for charity, two for my girlfriend's daughters and one for my bed.  It is a great pattern and goes together so quickly - as you can see!  I managed to get the quick top cut and sewn but 430pm today.  The photo doesn't show the colours to advantage - all the prints are cherry prints.  This is my first quilt for Japan.  I am planning that there will be more.

After that I started work on a Jelly Roll of Sherbet Pips.  I think this might be Japan Quilt number two.  Not quite sure where I am headed with it yet.  It is still a work in progress.

Tomorrow I have to go and collect my boys from music camp.  I have to be there early to get a carpark.  We have a post camp concert to watch - they are always worth seeing - and then we should be headed home around 4pm so most of the day will be gone.  I have some of my quilt group coming over on Monday to try and finish off the last of the quilt for Queensland.  they have to be at retro mummy's by the end of the month so we need to hustle!  I will be serving lunch and I need to have cookies for them to have with their tea and coffee so tomorrow night I will be making chocolate chocolate chip cookies!  Not much sewing tomorrow but that's okay after the last three days!

Till next time......  Happy Stitching!


  1. I hope you get to take a picture of the quilt in progress after it's been passed around and is complete. I like the color combination so far and would like to see the finished quilt. I like the pattern on the other quilt for Japan also. And of the course you'll need to post a picture of the chocolate chocolate chip cookies so I can salivate!! Enjoy the concert!

  2. I like the colours you used on the pinwheel quilt.Busy, busy, busy, but well worth it !

  3. Hi Jan-Marie, do you ever sleep? I am just tired reading your blog. Well done the quilts look wonderful.
    (((HUGS))) Roz.

  4. Your quilts have turned out beautifully. Wow you are fast. Would you mind passing some of your energy over to me please.

  5. You get so much done - it sounds like you have thoroughly enjoyed your time "off"!


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