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Thursday, March 17, 2011

All Sorts............

It has been a busy week.  On Monday I helped two friends, Cynthia and Diana, pin baste a special quilt.  Diana's sister passed away 10 years ago before she could complete a quilt she started for her daughter.  now Diana and her mum are completing the quilt in time for the daughter's 18th birthday.  How lovely is that.  The niece doesn't know she is getting it so I suspect that a lot of tears will be shed that night but what a lovely gift!  Diana and Cynthia will be coming back on the 25th to quilt it.  I offered to do it but Diana, who I might add is not a quilter but has done a great job, wants to do it herself so I suggested that she do it here and then if she has any dramas she can yell out for help. 

On Tuesday I had my haircut and then met a friend for lunch -then rushed off to buy some fabric for the quilt I told you about here and then it was time for my music lesson, followed by Guitar hero's Music lesson then home to encourage homework and supervise Fly Boy's camp packing! 

On Wednesday I had a doctor's appointment and then rushed to my Quilt Group Meeting.  By the time I got there all the faces had been embroidered on the teddy blocks that I told you about here.  Decisions were made about how to make all the teddy blocks the same size and put them together.  On Monday Cynthia had taken home the eight blocks that I told you about here.  I had cut them out to go with four kaleidoscope blocks that had been donated to us and Cynthia had sewn them all so the rest of the group had been discussing what to use to complete that quilt.  A very productive morning for the group.

When I got there Andrea, who had seen my blog and knew about Sharon's doll blocks, got everyones attention and we all gathered around so see Sharon's reaction.  She loved the pretty one, no surprise there - it was right up her alley.  But she was really caught off guard by my lovely punk rocker!  Talk about a laugh!!!  I think she was relieved when she realised that my magenta haired lady was not going to be included in the quilt, but she loved her all the same and said she wanted to keep her!  I just enjoyed seeing the huge smile on her face.  I know she will laugh whenever she sees her and I like making things like that!

Another bonus yesterday - "Vintage Whimsies" arrived in the mail.  I haven't had time to read it all - there is so much in it, but what a lovely book.  Must have taken a lot of time to compile it!  I know the girls in my quilt group will enjoy looking at it!

 And lastly today!  This morning was spent driving two boys, two suitcases, one drum stick bag, three guitars in cases and two horribly heavy school backpacks to school.  The boys were heading off to Music Camp (Yay) till Sunday.  They had both volunteered to go along with the advance party (for some reason my son informed me that phrase, advance party, is hysterical - I don't get it do you?) to help unpack the truck and set up in ADVANCE of everyone else.  As they were travelling with the teachers I was saved a 90 minute minimum round trip to drop them off (Yay).  I did however return to school in the afternoon to collect aforementioned heavy school bags and school uniforms.  So lucky I did!  I told the boys to check that their suitcases had been packed and they both assured me they had -
They are in the bus Mum! 
Please check! 
They are in the someones car Mum! 
Please check
- oh here they are .....not packed.
Hmmmmm  No egg on my face!

At least by the time I left school to drive home I knew their luggage was packed, their musical instruments were packed and I had safe custody of their school bags and uniforms (so they won't get left behind at camp by mistake!)

So far I have had one text saying Fly Boy doesn't have any deodorant - I think he took it out of his suitcase and out it with his change of clothes and forgot to put it back - oh well I am sure he can borrow some!  I warned them a number of times that they better check they have everything as i am not driving out there!  They are Year 10 after all - big enough to learn a bit of responsibility!

So, what have I been doing with all my extra time?  Apart from smiling like a Cheshire cat at the peace (no scream music all weekend  - no "Mum what can I have to eat that isn't fruit, yoghurt, cereal, toast or homemade stuff?" and no "why do I have to get off the computer now - everyone else is allowed to stay on till dawn!!!!!!"

Apart from enjoying the peace I have been sewing, and sewing, and sewing!  and loving it!  This is where I am up to.  14 blocks completed ..............

And the remaining partially constructed.  I will iron them all in readiness for the next stage of sewing before I go to bed (coz I don't have to be up at 530am tomorrow morning!  Yay!!!) and then in fairly short order tomorrow all the blocks will be done and I will be sewing them together and deciding on the border!
Well that is about it for me tonight.  time to get the iron going and then turn in.  Till tomorrow my friends,
Happy Stitching!!!


  1. You go, girl! So nice to have peace and quiet without interruptions while you hum along - I can relate! Interesting funny post!

  2. Jan-Maree I love the colors and it is turning out. Congratulations on your book I know you are going to love it. It is very interesting. Enjoy your piece and quite.

  3. Enjoy yourself while you can... do whatever you want !!!


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