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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Busy day

Started with some grocery shopping - highlight of my day, NOT.  Then back home and got the laundry on - another highlight - then the fun began.  First I sorted out my Aussie fabrics - some mine and some donated by the girls in my quilt group.  I am starting to plan what I think I can manage to make for Ireland.

I sorted some fabric for aprons and then just worked out what I had.  I am also planning to make some bags so I want to experiment with a good shopping bag pattern before I cut too much out.  I will do pot holders too and then some Christmas decorations.  Please someone remind me to do some Christmas aprons and pot holders too.

Next I cut fabric for 8 new blocks to go with four blocks that have been donated.  I have chosen two different stars, simple easy ones to put together.  That will give me 12 blocks and that should be enough with sashing and borders for a lap quilt for Queensland.

Finally I got to spend some time quilting - in fact the whole afternoon pretty much.  I am not showing you the whole quilt until it is finished and bound but here is a bit of the quilting that I am happiest with.  I think I am going to enjoy this free motion quilting once I build up my confidence.

Finally tonight before the boys went to bed I sat and cut half square triangles apart and then when I got sick of doing that I ironed what I had cut and then cut some more. The photo about is of  ironed blocks and below are all those I need to iron....tomorrow.
My goal is to have then all ironed by Saturday so that I can start sewing for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge's Scrappy Saturday!  I am going to work on them during the day tomorrow in dribs and drabs as I want to get back to working on my applique UFO.  I can't iron them all at once or my elbow will get sore so I will do a bunch at a time.

I have decided that I don't much like my after school schedule but I am not sure what I can do about it.  This is what my week is like -
Monday - leave home at 430pm, home at 630pm - maths tutor for Guitar Hero!
Tuesday - leave home at 230pm, home at 5pm - music lessons and band practice for both boys and me
Wednesday - leave home at 510pm, home at 630pm - Airforce Cadets for Fly Boy.  Luckily another mum drops him home at 10pm
Thursday - leave at 3pm, home at 430pm - drop Fly Boy to bible study - luckily he gets dropped home
Friday is not so bad except that I can't go anywhere myself coz I am dropping both to Youth Group at 8pm and collecting both at 1030pm
Saturday is FREE!!!  Can you believe it!  In fact I thinking of decreeing Saturday parents' day.  The kids can stay home at least in the evenings.
Sunday there is Church at 5 till 630pm.
Blah!  Hi my name is Jan-Maree and I am a taxi driver!  Ho Hum!  All I can say is thank goodness I don't have to fit another child into that or I would never be home to cook dinner!

Alright I feel better now that I have had my vent.  I have got a little bit of time before I got to bed so I am going to sort myself out so I an get lots done tomorrow.

Happy Stitching my friends..........


  1. Life does get quite busy at times but I think you have got it under control. You will just have to make sure you get your sewing time in there!

  2. Love the FMQ...any tips you'd be willing to share? I've been practicing, but still chicken out when it comes to actually doing it on a quilt. I can't find any classes here, so I'm basically teaching myself. Would love any tips you would offer. I love how yours looks! Great job.


  3. Good selection of fabrics! Really like the kaleidoscope block! The free motion is coming along nicely! Your schedule is busy, but you will miss it when they're gone! (well, maybe just a little bit!)


  4. You are a busy gal. I love your quilting. You are doing a beautiful job.


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