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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

More FMQ

Started my day baking - date and almond cookies first for a friend who needs to boost his iron levels.  Then Pop's Specials which are chocolate cookies with chocolate chips and so-named coz they were my Pop's (Grandpa) favourites.  My nanna used to make them all the time.  And finally I made these:

A new recipe for chocolate chip rock cakes.  Luckily one of my two boys likes them - the other one said choc chip cookies are better. 

Tonight was the second lesson in Free Motion Quilting and I loved it again.  Now I can't wait to get on and quilt something for real, not just a practice piece!  Yesterday I bought a couple of pre-printed panels to turn into quick and easy quilts to practice on so i will be sewing those up as soon as I can - all they need is a quick border.   Once they have been quilted they can go to the Salvo's (like Good Will in the States)  but I get to practice on them first. 
Tonight I did leaves which were fun
then my current favourite  - some more little blossomy things
and finally circles which I have seen on lots of quilts and loved. 
Now, I am pooped and it is time for bed. My husband heads off to the States for 12 days tomorrow so I will be flying solo with the boys, something I have done for the majority of our marriage, but I have had him home since the 7th of December so I am a bit out of practice.  It doesn't help that one of the boys is grounded on Friday night and it bound to give me lots of grief ...........but I now know how to turn his wifi off, block his access to Facebook on his computer AND if he gets really obnoxious block his internet access completely, all remotely from my laptop!!!!!!  Great management tools for the mother of computer addicted teenagers!  Yay.

On that note, I am off to bed - till next time.......Happy stitching!


  1. Beautiful job on the FMQ...I'm stil l chicken...but I am practicing!

  2. You are doing great with the free motion! I think you might need to share some recipes! Let's hope the grounding goes well.


  3. Your FMQ is coming along quite well. Teenage boys..don't you just love them!!!

  4. Wonderful work on your free motion! I like the designs you are practicing on. Your cookies look yummy!

  5. I may need to come to Australia to take a machine quilting class from your teacher. When I took my class (one 4hr class), all we did was a little meander and try to write our name. Hard to believe that you are doing this after your second class. Way to go Girl!

    Oh, the new discipline, take away their electronics and they don't know what to do. Exactly what my duaghter-in-law does with the teenage grandchildren

  6. I am at home sick today and let me tell you those cookies look YUMMY!! Of course, I wouldn't be able to taste anything, but I have a good imagination!! The FMQ is looking good so have FUN with your pre-printed panels!! Good luck with the boys!!

  7. Way to go on the free motion quilting! I love doing it as well, but I would like to get better so I actually have 2 pannel quilts layered and ready to go for that reason as well! Have you ever tried making butterflies? I just learned them and they are fun cute and simple. Here's a picture on my blog if you want to try it! http://inmysewingroom.blogspot.com/2011/02/cash-gregory.html

  8. Great job on the FMQ!! You are doing really good! I am a beginner too, but haven't tried the circles yet, they look like fun!
    Good luck with the "grounding" I was never sure who it punished more...me or my son ! :)

  9. I can vouch for the cookies they were delicious.
    It has been a pleasure being with you in Amandas class but hey can you slow down talk about over achieving. LOL
    Loved reading your blog for the first time.
    (((HUGS))) Roz.

  10. I can smell your cookies all the way over here mmmm. Maybe we should have a reciepe swap? Great job on the quilting. Looks like you are having fun. I love it.


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