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Monday, January 31, 2011

Butterflies and Sneak Peaks

Not much sewing getting done at the moment - kids started school today - surprisingly willingly - hope that lasts but not optimistic!  Gorgeous husband and I spent a good part of the morning toiling in our garage - you are finally able to see progress and we have been working on it for ages.  We quit when it got too hot and I went off and ran some errands.  I had an hour or so to myself so I whipped up a batch of lemonade scones (YUM) for the boys for afternoon tea and then made the binding and managed to machine it onto the asian quilt that I brought back from Tasmania with me last weekend.  Yesterday I managed to get it quilted.
I spent an hour doing the hand sewing before the boys came home and then a quick trip to the supermarket and it was SO HOT!!!   I just couldn't get cool even with the airconditioning on so I jumped in the pool for fifteen minutes before getting the dinner.  I sat around in damp bathers, shorts and T shirt for a couple of hours and it was lovely.  After dinner there was a school book covering blitz.  My husband helped me and between us we covered about twenty A4 exercise books in clear contact plastic.  Very boring but of course teenage boys won't let me do anything that might make them stand out and at least the contact makes them last a bit longer.  Finally after that I was able to get back to my hand sewing and at last it is done.  Now I just have to design or choose a label.  I have to get on with it and get it done as I want to give it to the recipient, my friend's daughter, Amy, on Wednesday. 

 I have decided that I need a better camera as my photos just don't seem to be as clear as those I see on other blogs.  Anyway, this is the back
 and the binding
 And this is a sneak peak of a little project I am working on but you will have to wait till later.....except for
 this little snippet as well. 
No hints!  That's it! 
Tomorrow is going to be really busy.  Up early to get the boys off to school - off to coffee with my sisterhood friends at 9am to make up for the fact that one of the girls and her family couldn't make it on Saturday (to our dinner).  At ten thirty I am off for a long overdue haircut and then home to hopefully do some cooking.  I want to make homemade sausage rolls, a boileded fruit loaf and a melt and mix chocolate chunk mud cake.  I won't get all of that done in the afternoon as I have to leave at two pm to head off to music lessons - mine at 3pm then guitar hero's at 330pm.  Then home to cook some more.  It was disgustingly hot today and it is supposed to be hotter tomorrow - ugh - so I plan to don my bathers after music tomorrow and have a dip in the pool before i start cooking so I stay cool.

Right now it is bed time - as my mother used to say "I have a big day tomorrow!"  Yes Mum!
Happy stitching.


  1. I'm loving the sneak peaks - can't wait to see what they develop into! Your Asian inspired quilt turned out beautifully!

  2. I love your butterfly quilt. What a lucky girl Amy is. If you like I can bottle up some Texas weather for you. It is supose to be the 20's the next few days. Today it was in the 70's.

  3. ooooohhhh cant wait to see what they are xxx


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