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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Busy day!

Been flat out like a lizard drinking today - or at least a lizard madly sorting thru all the Christmas decorations she owns, which is quite a few.  It was time for another sort, tidy and cull of the family ornaments.  There is now a box ready to go to St Vinnies, some ready to go to my cousin, some to try on EBay and some to give to friends.  
By then it was lunch time.  In the afternoon I cut out some more blue bits. Didn't get any sewing done on the blue bits today but cut out a few more ideas and decided how I am going to complete my quilt.  You will have to wait for that progress in a future post. 

First I want to show you the photo that I finally received from my nephew of them all wearing their aprons. 
From left to right we have my sister Glenis, her youngest, Naomi, her son, Joel, and his lively girlfriend, Sara.  The aprons were a great hit.  Yay!

And this is what I have been sewing tonight - 20 odd blocks for my second Christmas quilt.

I have to lay it out on the floor tomorrow and see what I think before I decide where I am going to go with it next.  I would love to get up and sew to morrow but I have to go out and run some errands so maybe tomorrow afternoon.  On Wednesday my quilt group is meeting so I will be out most of the day.
Oops it is after midnight - time I went to bed - Good night

oh and happy stitching!


  1. Oh, don't they look great! I'm so glad they liked the aprons! How could they not? You did such a good job. And, nice selection of Christmas fabric! Now, I know how you get so much done...you don't sleep!

  2. What cute aprons you made!!! Who wouldn't love them! I am busy, too so don't feel bad. I hope to get to my stitching later on this week.

  3. I love the aprons... You do so much..
    It seems that this week a lot of us has to do the 'boring' stuff of life...oh well .
    Enjoy your meeting with your group.


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