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Friday, January 14, 2011

Celia's Swap Blocks and Popsicle wants a home

Hi all, look what the postman brought me yesterday.  I would have blogged about it last night if only I could have found my camera!  These are the blocks that Celia sent me as part of a swap we are doing whilst we take part in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  Four blocks,  a pin cushion (with the yellow centre) and some gorgeous variegated threads!  Aren't I spoilt.  We are going to exchange blocks each month throughout the year of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  I decided that I would like any 5 inch blocks at all and I think I will use mine as the centres of some star blocks.  I haven't quite decided yet. 
Celia asked for 5 inch star blocks - one of my favourites to make.  And I really enjoyed making these and strange though this may sound, I have never made them this small before and I loved them.  I am going to make some more for myself.

Now onto more important matters.   This is Popsicle and I am hoping that someone will take a liking to him.  I am going to offer him up for auction in the Flood Relief Auction next week.  My only problem, what price to set bidding to start at.  Any ideas?
I would have loved to finish off my Blue Wonky Log Cabin Quilt but I can't count on having it finished in time given that it is school holidays and I have my husband home as well.  I have already re-named that quilt "Queensland Blue" in my mind and will use it to raise funds for Queensland - just haven't worked out the finer details - may be a raffle quilt at my sons' school. 
But for now I need to decide a price for Popsicle and I would welcome any suggestions please.

Happy stitching



  1. Swapping blocks is such a lovely idea. Popsicle is soo cute. I've never sold anything I've made before though so am no help with your question about a price, sorry.

  2. Well, I used to sell the thing that I made and I would figure out the cost of materials and my time spent on the "thing." I usually booked my time at $20 per hour depending on the project. Since this is an auction item, you should be able to price alittle higher. Popsicle is very cute! He should raise alot of money for Flood Relief.

  3. Your swap blocks are just adorable. They will turn into something stunning by the end of the year....


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