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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gumnuts and travel plans

Had a lovely surprise today and discovered that the bid for my quilt has gone to $130.  Exciting!  It is being auctioned to aid the Queensland flood Relief Fund in a huge bloggers auction coordinated by Toni and all her wonderful helpers.  Check out her blog for all the details.  Check out the Master List of all the items on auction and please try and bid for something or buy a ticket in one of the many wonderful raffles.  it is all for such a great cause!

Then my wonderful friends, the Gumnut Quilters, met for our normal fortnightly meeting today and we continued to work on the quilts for Queensland as organised by Corrie.  Check out her blog.  Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated and warmly welcomed.  Here we have Moo inspecting one of the quilts and making sure that it is soft enough to pass muster!
 I showed you this quilt last night but today the green borders and a bit extra top and bottom were added and everyone agreed that they really "calmed" the quilt down.
 I think this quilt is going to be a wonderful quilt for a child to sit and look at -  so many things to spy!  And the best thing...there are two of them!
 Tonight I started to do some cutting out.  There is going to be a little blog silence from me over the weekend as I am heading to Tasmania to stay with a long distance gumnuts member Mary.  I leave very early Friday morning and get home late Sunday night.  Mary asked me if I want to do anything special and I said I would like to visit a quilt shop, so she has three on the list and then I asked if she would like to do some sewing and of course she said yes!  I told her about the quilt for Queensland so another one of those is on the agenda. 
 This is the kit for the quilt above and the backing below.  You will have to wait till we have put it together to see what i am planning to do  - no more hints!
 I also told Mary that the Gumnuts have been inspired by Gum Tree Designers to make some "New Beginnings" sewing kits including a sewing caddy, fabric, needles, thread etc, all bundled up in a draw string bag.
 So I have cut out several kits and tomorrow will cut out the batting and lining for the bags and then after the weekend we should have a few of these below!
 Now I am off to bed as tomorrow I have a lot to do to get ready for Friday's early start.
You might not hear from me again till Monday so until then.....
Happy stitching!


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