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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Last Blue Scrappy Saturday....

Well it has been a busy month of sewing blue scraps and regular projects and then quilts to send to flood damaged house holds in Queensland but today is the last Scrappy Saturday for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  I have a busy day ahead so I squeezed an hour of sewing in first up.

First I made up these kaleidoscope blocks.  I just bought myself a new Kaleidoscope ruler as I figured I needed to challenge myself with more than squares, rectangles and half square triangles with a bit of machine applique thrown in.  I have made 5 inch blocks and I am going to make more of these in each colour way throughout the year.  I think it would do my head in having to cut out enough for a quilt in one go, not to mention sewing them all at once.

Next I got out the disappearing nine patch block that I made earlier in the month and made two more nine patches.
 I haven't had time to cut them up yet - later dude!  I am making more of these throughout the year as well.  Should be a few of bright cheery quilts to add to my stack sometime around the end of the year as
I have also been collecting a stash of scrap blue flowers and each time I made one of them I get another
 scrappy blue pin wheel!   I love scrappy quilts and this is really making me get off my behind and get going!
Now I am off to bake chocolate chips cookies, then friends dropping in briefly at ten, leaving home at eleven to take Guitar Hero and mate to the movies while my gorgeous husband and I check out furniture for our never-ending house tidying quest at Ikea.  Then collect the movie goers, home to get dinner for both boys, wrap three bundles of choc chip cookies for gifts for my girlfriend's husbands' birthday presents and then finally at 7pm off to a local restaurant with girlfriends and husbands and some of their kids (ours won't go out with my friends' families - too uncool) The dinner tonight should be fun.  I don't think I have explained about the Sisterhood.  There were five of us and we had a ball together then one of our number was diagnosed with cervical cancer - that brought us even closer together.  We saw her thru her battle and eventually lost her in May 2009.  Now there are four of us and we really work hard to keep our friendships going.  We get together as often as work and family commitments allow.  We always celebrate our birthdays and Christmas but have decided that this year we will have a combine birthday dinner for the boys (our hubby's) and also a combined birthday for the kids sometime during the year.  Tonight it is the husbands' turn.  Dinner at a Pizza Pasta Restaurant and lots of laughs.  Homemade treats of some sort for gifts, hence the chocolate chip cookies.

Better go - cookies don't make themselves!

By the way - can't wait to find out what colour we are doing for February............I am guessing pink or red!

Happy stitching!


  1. I think your kaleidoscope blocks are so neat. You know sewing trangles can always be a challenge. But is always fun. Mmmmm warm chocolate chip cookies what a great idea.

  2. Oh are all those blocks going into one quilt?? Fabulous! I think that would make a wonderful scrappy quilt!

  3. You're blocks are wonderful. Especially love the kaleidoscopes. Save some cookies for me :)

  4. I'm with donna & Angelcat -- I love kaleidoscope blocks. They do such cool things when you put them all next to each other. Also putting in a request for a cookie.

  5. Dear Recovering Perfectionist - can't email a reply as your email doesn't come up - and to all of you - just wish we lived close enough then I would host a sew along and would bake the cookies as well - what fun!

  6. I am loving your pinwheel blocks with the stripey fabric. Did someone say chocolate chip cookies?
    A Chocaholic!

  7. muchisimo movimiento en tu vida,..
    los bloques que has realizado preciosos, el del caledoscopio me ha gustado,
    Feliz Domingo

    lot movement in your life ..
    blocks that have made precious, that of caledoscopio liked me,
    Happy Sunday

  8. First I saw the kaleidoscope blocks and love them. Then I saw the flower blocks - adorable. Is there a pattern available for them?

  9. Love those kaleidoscope blocks!!!!

    Quiltingly Yours

  10. Your fantastic variety of blue projects is making me feel so much happier about my own little hodge podge. It is going to be so fun to collect little bits of the rainbow as the year goes on.

  11. Oh my goodness...such wonderful projects on the go! Can't wait to see over the year how your quilts develop!

  12. All your blueness is overwhelming--in a positive way. I'm not sure which blocks I like more.

    You're a brave quilter heading out into the land of new shapes with the kaleidescope ruler. I have a couple rulers for that block, and the newer one is wonderful. But I think I have to vote for the simplicity and cuteness of the flower blocks as my favorites.
    Value your friendships, and cherish all the time you have together. It sounds like you ladies have fantastic plans. Enjoy!

  13. I can't wait to see all of your new blue quilts. They're my favorite! Have FUN with your Sisterhood . . . life is so short. I'm looking forward to seeing all the beautiful quilts you'll be doing in 2011.


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