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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Breeding Scraps!

Did you know that in the dark, late at night, when the house is quiet, lots of naughty scraps are getting up to mischief and creating more scraps!  They must be coz surely I didn't end up with this many scraps all by myself!
 I tried several time to orient the above photo properly but maybe it is just too late at night for me.  Nevermind, at least you can see all the separate bags of colours.  Quilts in waiting all of it I guess!

Actually, what participating in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge has made me realise is that I have about fifteen years worth of scraps to sew with!  Oh the stories these scraps could tell!!!

This is another load of scraps and you will see the completed quilt soon but I just had to share tonight's dilemma with you!  Can you spot it?  I ran out of binding with about three inches to go - amazing!  I am sure I measured!  Well, it is a scrap quilt so I can scrap the binding - tomorrow after a good night's sleep!
Sewing tip for the night - measure your binding!
Happy stitching!


  1. You must have the measuring stick that I use LOL!

  2. I hate it when that happens!! Looks like another amazing quilt!!

  3. The last quilt I finished had twice as much binding as I needed. I guess I should measure too! Love your bags of scraps. SO much potential all right there waiting to be turned into quilts.

  4. I love a scrappy binding. I believe my scrap bin has been growing incredibly fast too. How does that happen? You turn around and it's doubled! hahaha.

  5. I loves scrap happy quilts....just the scraps and the binding can tell a unique story!!

    Great stash, I might add!

  6. Whoops. I am sure you measured maybe when you where not looking the scrap fairly came and took a piece. (haha) But what fun to have all those scraps.


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