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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Still got the blues but love my 12 inches!

Am up early today.  There is no truth in the rumour that my husband was snoring (cos he said I am not allowed to post about that) so let's just say I am up early just to post this cos I didn't post last night!  Have been stitching since January first to use up my blue scrap stash and you would have thought I wouldn't have much left over!  Oh well, guess I will keep stitching till the end of the month and see what I am left with by then.  It is a fun challenge and certainly makes you think creatively!
It brings back a lot of memories too, of all those quilts, some of which I have no photos of.  It is certainly a reminder to me to make sure i record what I make!
Had a huge day yesterday.  More clutter busting in the garage before it go too humid and then off to the dentist to spend a huge amount on getting one tooth finished!    Next job pulling down the 7' Christmas tree finally and then a trip to IKEA to check out storage options for some of the rooms in the house that we are rearranging now our kids are a bit older.  After all that it it was time to sew - and time to finish off some smaller projects for a change.  First I completed four 5" star blocks to send to Celia.  We are swapping four scrap blocks to go along with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge that we are taking part in.  Can't show them to you till Celia has them.  But I can show you my happy 12 inch block.
The centre of this block was completed by my Mum for me in the last few years before she passed away.  I have been waiting for inspiration to do some thing with it.  This year a couple of us decided that it would be a great idea if our quilt group did a round robin and so we are all supposed to make a 12 inch block to be our centre.  I have had all sorts of great ideas but in the end this one just seemed right and it will be nice to see what the other do with it.
Happy stitching!


  1. It does seem like scraps can multiply overnight, doesn't it?! How nice that you have something your Mom made. It's so sweet!

  2. Glad to hear that your husband doesn't snore, mine doesn't do that too:) It is so fun that you are swapping rainbow blocks. I'm sure they turned out great, I look forward to seeing them.

  3. I just love your 12" center block. It is so cute and is going to be perfect for the center of your quilt. My favorite is the very center.

  4. The embroidery on your 12" block is so pretty. Are you using 1930's prints for the entire quilt ? I must confess I have had enough of blue blocks so can't wait to move on to next colour.

  5. That block with your Mum's centre piece is so pretty.

  6. It's so amazing that Angela in South Florida can have a challenge and people half way around the world can participate. It still boggles my mind. Your round robin is going to be so special. The embroidery your mother did for you is very pretty and goes so well with the fabrics you chose.

  7. Love the 12'block...sorry can't be part of it....maybe another time.....Keep up the terrific work and challenge!


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