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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Finshed and resolved!

A good day today.  Started out doing errands, lunch out of the way and then time to sew - yay!  A bit of work on my second Christmas quilt, laid it all out on the floor and still wasn't happy with it so decided to think on it!  Suddenly realised that the quilt I am making for my girlfriend has to be completed and packed into my son's suitcase tomorrow so I had better get that binding sewn!  Another family movie night tonight (The Bank Job - not too bad except for the bits that we had to fast forward thru coz we didn't think they were suitable for the 14 year old Fly Boy and Guitar hero!).  Watching the movie and getting that binding sewn.  Done!  Time to make a decison on the Chrsitmas Quilt and realised that I had to unpick all the sewing I had done this afternoon but that was okay - it filled in the second half of the movie.  I am not good at sitting in front of the TV with empty hands anyway!!
So, here is the completed quilt for Tracey...

 It is just as well I am giving this to Tracey, a friend of mine for at least 30 years, and it is just as well I don't have time to make another quilt as I really love the colours!  At least it is going to a good home.
 The pieced back - not quite as happy with it as I wanted to be but that is ok!  At least, for the first time, I remembered to write a label and incorporate it into the backing before I quilted it - I have been meaning to do that for AGES! and never remember til it is too late!  I hate sewing on labels!
 And this is my Christmas quilt!  The red blocks still need a final red strip along the bottom but no time for that tonight as I have to cut more and it is almost midnight!  Still it is enough for me to see that I like the direction now!
 The red star fabric and the green fabric on the left of each block is a really sparkly, and I mean SPARKLY!!!! fabric and I just love it.  I wish it showed up in photos but it really shows up in my living room!
Well, that is enough for me!  Tomorrow I hope to get the red strips on before I go to Quilt Group and then in the evening I will get back to sewing scraps as I have finally decided how I am going to complete my scrap quilt and I have a few other projects in mind!

And, now to bed!!!  or I won't be awake enough to sew tomorrow.....

Happy Stitching!!!


  1. Oh I love the pieced back on Tracey's quilt! The colors are wonderful. I never remember the label either. I hardly ever put one on. I guess I should thik about doing that. haha.

  2. Both are wonderful...what a lovely and thoughtful gift to send to your friend.

    Hope he has safe travels!!

  3. Tracey's going to love her new quilt!! I like the way you pieced the backing with the label also. Cute Christmas quilt!

  4. I really like Tracey's quilt.I am so impressed with your focus on quilting and getting things finished.Well done.

  5. I just tagged you with an award. Please visit my blog for the rules if you want to participate!!

  6. Oh what sweet quilts! And what a great idea...the award thing to get new bloggers to some great unknown sites!


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