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Sunday, January 9, 2011

And again, more scraps out and more scraps sewn.....

Now this post is especially for my dear young friend Jennie.  Jennie has just started to follow my blog after recently discovering I had one.  We have been friends for several years now and don't get to see each other too often as Jennie has  very full life with full time work, almost full time study and four grown kids to keep her occupied!  Jennie is also a quilter though she doesn't get to sew anywhere near as much as she would like to for all the above reasons. 
Anyway, I normally post last thing at night before I go to bed, and during the school holidays that has been quite late (or sometimes quite early!) Jennie has told me that this has to change as I am posting after her bed time and she can't stay up late enough to read it.  Poor dear!  She just isn't the party animal she used to be.  Never mind, this post is early Jennie, just for you!

Tonight I am not going to bore you with the details of our ongoing clutter busting war but suffice to say we are winning the battle - but I am pooped! So that deals with more scraps out!

I did manage a couple of hours sewing this morning, and I mean very early morning as I had a rare bout of insomnia and gave up trying to sleep from 445am onwards and sewed till 8am when my husband woke up. 
I also managed another couple of hours sewing from 4 till 630pm and HOORAY!  I managed to complete all the blocks for my Scrappy Wonky Log Cabin Quilt for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge! 

And here it is laid out on the carpet ( I sew need a design wall!!!)

Tonight's task, and I have the rest of the evening to do it, is to sew it all together.  the pile of blocks is sitting on the machine waiting for me, all neatly numbered so now that I have posted for Jennie, she can go off to bed and I can start sewing!  Don't tell Jennie, but if I finish in time I might even post the completed quilt top later tonight...but we will see.
For now, sweet dreams Jennie
And Happy stitching everyone else!



  1. cheeky!!!!! the quilt looks awesome! Keep up the great work...Goodnight!

  2. Your quilt is looking fabulous. So amazing what can come from the scraps.

  3. Your blocks look great! I love the layout with the red and white center blocks. Excellent! And I love, love, love my design wall! It makes such a difference. You can read about mine on my blog under tips.

  4. Wow. How big is that going to be? That's major scrap-busting!

  5. Wow! Love the way this looks. Don't worry I so need a design wall too.

  6. I love your quilt blocks. That is going to be one awesome quilt. It is so much fun to sew scraps.

  7. Your blocks are looking great, how big are they? Looks like you are doing some major scrap busting :)

  8. Wow! That's a lot of scraps in those blocks...great job!

  9. This is just beautiful! Love the blues and the twistedness of the blocks.

  10. Oooh, and Aaah, and I love it!

  11. Your blocks look great - amazing what can come from scraps of fabric. I look forward to seeing your finished quilt.

  12. Wow that's amazing. A beautiful job.


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