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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lamingtons, Lamb and Pavlova!

Yesterday was Australia Day!  I am always a proud Aussie but Australia day always heightens that feeling and this year, after watching the heartfelt responses of everyone t the flood disaster, even more so.  We had an American friend come over for lunch.  He is actually a business associate of David’s and is in town for meetings – of course no meetings yesterday so he came out here.  We had to show him a real Aussie day so we had a BBQ with sausages and lamb (Our sausages are very different to American ones and lamb was very hard to find inexpensively when we lived in the States) with roast potato, pumpkin (another experience for him as Americans don't eat pumpkin like us) and sweet potato and salad.  I made a pavlova for desert 
 and lamingtons for afters - I make them once a year for Australia Day!
and sat chatting the afternoon away nibbling on lamingtons, cheese and biscuits and dip.  Lovely.  Of course the weather was well in the high 30's Australian summer style.  We sent him home with about six packets of TimTams - his wife's favourite - and even packed them in a cooler bag with ice packs or they would have been melted mush by the time he got back into the city.

It was a lovely, relaxing day.  Today - not expected to be quite so relaxing.  Both cheerful (not), enthusiastic(hardly), students in our house hold have to get out of bed, SHOWER and go to school with us for the annual pre-start of school three way conference with parents, teacher and student to discuss goals for the coming year.  To say that Guitar Hero and Fly Boy aren't really in the right frame of mind for such an exercise is an understatement.  Luckily once we get home around lunch time they can slink off to their computers and will probably leave me in peace to sew for most of the afternoon.  Wish me luck!

If anyone has any spare sewing time in the next few days you might like to join me in answering the call to make New Beginnings Kits for crafters who lost everything in teh floods.  I have several on the go hope to have them all completed by the end of the weekend and in the mail early next week!

Till next time
Happy stitching!


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  2. Looks yummy! Makes me wish I lived close to you!

    (Sorry, I accidentally clicked on the trash can!)

  3. Hope you have had a chance to relax and do some sewing this afternoon.


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