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Saturday, January 8, 2011

scraps out and scraps sewn!

Wow!  Been a busy couple of days!  Scraps out and scraps sewn?  Well, the scraps out are the result of my husband and I getting in and tidying our teenage son's bedrooms, while they are away.  Guitar Hero left for a holiday in Perth with friends of mine on Thursday night, so first thing Friday morning we started tidying.  I wish I had taken a before shot but the after shot will have to do. These shelves were loaded with lego and meccano models but Guitar Hero decided that he didn't want them on display anymore so out they came.  Only problem?  Not much left to go on the shelves so I put his caps there.  Both units have cupboard doors on the bottom though that doesn't show here,  I actually didn't throw out all the contents of the second one - it was pretty much full of empty storage boxes so we just removed those!
Today Fly Boy left to go abseiling with the Airforce Cadets so as soon as he left......more tidying!  I didn't take photos of his room, not as easy to do, but loads of junk came out of his room and lots of dusting.  For both rooms - lots of things found that had been "lost" or "taken' by the respective brother.  Amazing what turns up when you tidy!
My husband and I are really working hard at clutterbusting this month.  In fact this afternoon we took all the seats out of my van and loaded it full for a tip run!
So that is SCRAPS OUT!  And there will be many many more to go but another day!

Now, scraps sewn!  
This block comes from a Moose on the Porch Quilts Book called Simply Charming.  I love this block.  I have used it before and have decided that I am going to make these blocks every month and then decide what to do with them at the end of the year.  I am still making scrappy wonky log cabins but didn't get any blocks finished to show tonight so they will have to wait till tomorrow!
Now to bed.  Tomorrow we start tidying part of the boys' chill room - it is where their book's have been stored (which they are now too cool to read darn it!) and also where their PS3 is (more popular).  Every room is getting a big tidy and clutter bust - much more to come and lots to go I hope.
Happy Stitching!


  1. I love your blue scrap blocks. Isn't it fun to get things tidied up in the new year? I love the idea od making a few blocks each month in the same pattern. Such a fun way make a quilt

  2. Thanks for your comment and your tip about the batting. I just used what I had, but I will definately get some cotton batting. Your blocks look great, but I just love the yellow and blue quilt in the previous post. In my dreams I make one so lovely.

  3. That is such a clever and simple block. I must try it out..Check your post box Monday...

  4. I just love your blocks. The blue is really pretty. Can not wait to see the end result.

  5. I love these, they remind me of periwinkle flowers.


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