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Monday, July 2, 2012

Visitors and the design wall stage

Yesterday I had the most AWESOME DAY.  Eight and a half months after I first wrote to the lovely warrant officer's wife to ask if there was any thing I could do for her hubby while he was in Afghanistan I finally got to meet them!  

They came for morning tea and I laid the table with lots of the things that I know he likes - chocolate caramel slice, Camembert with french bread sticks, Caramello Bears, smarties and then I threw in some pizza scrolls and ribbon sandwiches and a lemon slice.   I nearly bought real ginger ale and squeezed fresh orange juice but I thought that might be going too far!  Honestly - I had so much fun!  So much fun in fact that I forgot to take a photo of the table!  I was going to take pics of the food too so that I could share the recipes - forgot that too!  But, I promise to cook all those goodies again during the next few weeks and this time I will take pics.  

I can't show you pics - not allowed to show you one of him because of his job though I think the true reason is that his wife just doesn't want to share his handsome face.  If you read her blog you will know that she calls him "the handsome soldier" and she is right!  He is handsome 
(and he just blushed!  Hee Hee)

I can now tell you that this quilt was for him and he liked it.  I wanted him to have a nice quilt - one that commemorated the fact that he is the first AUSSIE HERO and I chose this country manor fabric because he and his lovely wife are planning to move onto acreage and have their own animals in the coming years.  
Oh and I also have to say that they have the four most gorgeous children - three beautiful girls and one adorable little mini him!  Dimples!  Oh my goodness!  Yep, I had a lovely day yesterday!

They didn't come empty handed either.  Four huge, really huge bags of fabric came with them for Aussie Heroes!

And today was pretty cool too.  I received lots of Aussie Hero mail - some beautiful quilts - had beautifully sewn laundry bags left on my front door and picked up a huge amount of donated fabric!  

And finally tonight I managed to cut my blocks for the watery quilt which I think I will call "Ocean Dreaming" and then got them arranged on the design wall for me to live with for a couple of days.  What do you think?
Till next time...........happy stitching!


  1. What a wonderful day for everyone. My mouth is watering for all the treats and the quilts are awesome too.

  2. cute story and great quilts. love the water one

  3. How wonderful to have meet the whole family....
    Your quilt is looking great.

  4. Your Aussie Heroes has grown so much from such a simple question of how you could help! What a wonderful project..and so nice to finally meet them!
    Love the water quilt too!

  5. glad you got to meet him and his family and love your quilt

  6. How lovely for you to meet your Aussie hero and his family. Sounds like quite the spread on the table. I can't wait to see it all. I love the water quilt - it is going to be fabulous.

  7. Love the Aussie soldier quilt. Don't you love men in uniform?? So handsome.

    Your ocean quilt is looking great!


  8. I can feel your excitement with every word in your post. What a treat for you to have them for tea and what a treat for him to have you and the other Aussie Hero stitchers as friends. The watery quilt is perfect just the way it is, don't change a thing.

  9. Really lovely Jan-Maree - I bet you had the most wonderful day!


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