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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Cross Stitcher!

Check this out - a cross stitch cover for your iphone!!!  I found it last night when I was checking out all the blogs that I am woefully behind on.  You can get them on ebay believe it or not!  
I would never have imagined you could get one.  

I used to do lots of cross stitch.  I had so many  patterns and magazines and loads of threads.  These days I would need my glasses to be able to see what I was doing and I doubt my hands would appreciate it seeing as holding a needle is painful.  It did keep me sane for a while though.  When I was pregnant there was a lot of time hanging out at home.  I didn't have family around where I was and my hubby traveled a lot so I had lots of time to fill in.  I would cross stitch for hours each day.

These are some of the ones that hang in our home.  Sorry about the picture quality.  I couldn't get a good shot with the glass on them.  
This is a special one - the words say " I hear your keys in the door ....you are home again...and safe...all the burdens of the day are lightened.....all the night noises are music to my ears".  No surprises for guessing that this was for my lovely hubby!  

 These next ones were just for me.  By the time I did these two cute little girls I knew I was having two boys and was fairly sure I would never have girls.  This was my girly gift to myself! See, one even has red hair!
 And the other one says "Cross stitchers are a different breed."  
 I loved all the little trinkets you had to add to this one.  
 And finally another one for my hubby.  But first note the Engineer's sign - SOOOOO  TRUE!
This one was so fiddly and detailed -  spent HOURS on it when I was on maternity leave.  I kept it as a surprise for my hubby and I think I gave it to him for an anniversary present.  So long ago now I would have to check the back to see.

No cross stitching here these days.  Too much sewing to do but also the hands just can't hold the needles anymore!

Till next time................happy stitching!


  1. Goodness, Jan-Maree those are just lovely!!!

  2. Beautiful cross stitches you have done Jan-maree.
    I also have several around my house I did and still have UFO's tucked away somewhere.

  3. Beautiful cross stitching, I use to do large patterns but now I just do small ones for the World of Cross Stitching for a nursing home in Florida. We stitch a square and then someone makes a quilt for the residence. It is very rewarding and we do tote bags.

  4. Beautiful cross stitch and some very complicated patterns. I used to do a lot also, have two framed. My eyes would never permit doing it these days. My heart aches when I see a lovely cross stitch piece in the thrift shops. Some family just didn't appreciate the work that went into making it. Thanks for sharring.

  5. lovelly work... while it bores me to tears (!) my mum does LOTS of counted cross stitch... I get all the surpluss threads ... wich is much more to my liking xx

  6. I think a lot of quilters have followed the same progression. Unfortunately, nearly all my cross-stitch projects were given to others. I do have one in-progress project buried somewhere in my boxes! I have all my supplies, lots of thread and cross-stitch fabric and patterns! Also in a box somewhere! But probably not the same box!

    (sorry, somehow I put this as a reply to the previous comment!)

  7. i use to cross stitch all the time too

  8. I used to cross-stitch and still have a few that I actually completed and framed. Happily I discovered quilting early and now just collect embroidery thread because, well, it's thread. Wish I could say my work is as pretty as yours. I especially love the "Needle in Hand" one--so appropriate for quilters

  9. Beautiful work ah to be the young eyes again

  10. Beautiful work! I do not know how to cross stitch and think I would probably get cross eyed if I tried, but I love its look and appreciate all the work that goes into it. As for the Engineer's note, I agree provided it is preceded by this one: "Engage brain before operating mouth"! :-)

  11. By the way, Jan-Maree, I have just nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award! Check my post at http://www.piecedbrain.com/2012/07/liebster-blog-award.html. Have a great day!

  12. wow! I'm impressed. I've seen those cross stitch iphone covers but havent taken the plunge. I'm pretty hard on phones and don't know that the case is strong enough, haha!

  13. Lovely work Jan-Maree. I really like the one with all of the tools - I would love to make that one and hang it in my husband's study. I say - never ask an engineer a simple question because you will get such a detailed answer that you will go into information overload and your eyes will start glazing over - I know from experience! I like the sign too - very true.


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