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Friday, June 29, 2012

In The Swim With My Watery Quilt

I was hoping to get all my sewing done with the strips for the Water Quilt tonight - 
nearly made it.
Here is my bundle of sewn strips.
 I thought I had them all sewn and had started  ironing them and then I noticed 
No idea when  or why the tension started playing up but it did so now I have 
 these that need re-sewing!  
That is a job for tomorrow.

Till next time...............happy sewing! 


  1. Darn! Maybe there is a piece of thread caught in your bobbin case, this is going to be beautiful, love the fabrics!

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous colours and fabric. I agree, there may be something going on with the bobbin. Hopefully, it is an easy adjustment to get things sewing properly again.

  3. Drats! Why does that happen and we go sewing along and then have all that ripping. Tomorrow will be another day----a good sewing day.

  4. Your fabric is gorgeous! They do look watery.
    I hate it when I notice tension problems. I once had to rip out the free motion quilting in an entire quilt because I had failed to notice what was happening on the back!

  5. I hate it when that happens! My old sewing machine had tension problems all the time and I did a lot of sewing that looked like that. Fortunately my new(er) machine hardly ever has tension issues. Love your watery colours.


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