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Sunday, July 8, 2012

How do I know when my hubby is home!

How do i know when my hubby is home from a trip?

That is easy - when my darling hubby comes home he "tidies" the cuttlery drawer!  
He likes all the skinny long handled spoons to be together at the top and all the short rounder spoons to be at the bottom.  
Pretty funny huh!
 It would be even funnier if I could show you a picture of the perpetual mess that is his home office - it is a sign of my deep love for him that I don't!  
(that and the fact that he would kill me!)

He has just been away for a month for work - he has window shopped down Rodeo Drive, had drinks at the IVY in Beverly Hills - saw Paris Hilton there!  
He even got to cruise along the Seine - poor baby.  
Imagine his delight at coming home and finding one and a half  tonne of firewood which needed to be stacked.
 After!  Look how neatly it is stacked!  
And not one complaint either! 

 We do love our fire in this house.  With my arthritis the fire keeps the chill off the house and that makes life so much easier for me.  That door to the right of the fire leads straight into my sewing room and just outside the sewing room is the cutting designing table.   

I have to say I am not the only one who likes it. 
Oh it is such a tough life in this house for a dog! 
Lucky she is cute.

My hubby travels a lot for work and usually I get along just fine - you can usually count on a light globe blowing as soon as he leaves, the roof will leak, the kids will get sick, some appliance will break etc  - all good fun!

But this time we had a tragedy - 
well, okay maybe a minor one - 
oh alright perhaps tragedy is too strong a word 
but whatever you call it I am not happy!!!

My salt shaker from my favourite every day set is broken!  

When I travel I like to collect souvenirs that I can use - bowls, small plates, spoons, that sort of thing.   I bought these P&S shakers last time I went to my home town of Perth!
Not happy!!! 
After my hubby told me about Rodeo Drive  and the IVY etc I decided he could get me a replacement set.  I tasked him with the "don't come home without" requirement and LOOK!
He came through!
 He did well!  I love them!

I also collect fridge magnets.  He visited some markets in NY - can you tell?
 And check out these cute ones!
and finally he bought me a FROG! 
 This is pretty funny actually.  You hold it by its back legs and stoke it along the ridges with the wooden thingy and it sounds like it is saying "RIBBIT!"

But the best thing my lovely hubby brought me home - was himself.  He is still the nicest gift he has ever given me!
And I know this is a really bad photo but see that sweatshirt he is wearing?
I made that about 16 years ago!  And he still wears it!
Welcome home honey!

Till next time..............happy stitching!


  1. What a lovely homage to your husband! Love the veggie magnets!

  2. We can't live without our DH at times. I love the fire place and your collection of shakers and magnets.

  3. How nice to have him home again Jan-Maree! Keep warm with that great stack of wood and enjoy your new salt/pepper shakers!

  4. What a sweetie your hubby is, I agree the best thing is to have them home. My Mister used to travel a lot while in the Air Force, with four children, something always happened the minute he was gone.

  5. The tidy of your cutlery draw is funny...
    Your DH is a great wood stacker too.
    Love your new S&P shakers.
    could you not get a new lid for your other ones???

  6. What a sweet story. My sweet hubby has been on a mutal assists trip to Virginia to help them get there power back on. He will be home today and I am soooo happy.

  7. too cute :-)
    I'm not a cleaner but I do like organizing once in a while.

  8. I know exactly how you feel having him home again!!! I think I made some of those sweatshirts too! A Kwik sew pattern?

  9. I love this post and I couldn't help but think that you have great new salt and pepper shakers, and no lids to break.


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