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Friday, July 13, 2012

Pieced and Quilted!!!!

Oh my goodness!  Just discovered that I didn't post this - it was supposed to go out the night before last.  Oh well, here it is tonight!  You have already seen the finished product but you might as well see this too.  Still love this quilt!

I am doing a happy dance.  Funny thing about my quilts.  As soon as I have someone in mind for a quilt it becomes theirs and no matter how much I like it I could never keep it - especially if I have developed any level of fondness for the recipient!
And it is just as well as I am SO PLEASED WITH THIS ONE!

Firstly, I love the colours.  And the turtles and whales.  
Secondly I am so delighted that the picture in my head translated to the fabric!  It doesn't always!
Thirdly I quilted this one by FMQing wavy lines all across it 
and while it is not perfect, I am really happy with it.
Happy enough to be comfortable with giving it away.

 I have included three pictures close up of the darker bottom section in the hope that you can see the quilting.
 I have the other ocean dreaming quilt to do and I am not at all wary about doing it now.
 Do love those whales.   
Now advice please - what colour binding?  Still to the blue or go with that apricotty orange you can see there, or maybe even the limey green.  Any suggestions please?

Till next time............happy stitching!


  1. Really like this one, Jan=Maree! Fussy cutting the turtles and whales was definitely the way to go. The wavy quilting really works to add to the ocean theme. You've done a great job. I think I'd pull one of those other colors out for the binding. I like a binding that frames the quilt, and that orangey color would work beautifully for that. It has a vacation feel to it.

  2. I would go the blue or the limey green or even some of the smokey grey but don't think the apricot... looks fabulous too xxx

  3. Beautiful Jan.....really like the colors and your fussy cutting! Great job!!

  4. This maybe my all time favorite, love the wavy line quilting----I would bind in blue.

  5. Um I would bind in orange, but you know I'm a color maniac!

  6. Ha!! Guess we all have a different opinions for you!! So mine?? I would use a grey, so that the quilt was the focus, not the binding. I think the orange might distract from the whales etc, and focus on the orange bits. My 2 cents worth!! Love it!

  7. This are lovely quilts! I would go with the limey green. Bright but so cheery too.

  8. I love it too!! I like the apricot, but I guess flo has a good point.


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