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Friday, July 6, 2012


Tarja and Jess came over today.  While Jess sifted though all my fabric and button collections to find just the right bits and pieces for her Year 11 Textile and Design Project

Tarja helped me work on some Aussie Hero Quilts.   She ironed the two Ocean Dreaming Quilt tops 

 while I pinned the RAEME quilt.  Then she helped me mark this one with tape so that I can quilt it. 

 Next we moved on to quilting the Ocean Dreaming ones.  This is the Chaplain's quilt. 

 This one is for the other Navy fellow.  Living these colours.  Just as well these needed the quilting and binding as I think Tarja might have tried to pinch one otherwise. 

 Love this whale block.  Those must be mighty big fish though!

We managed to layer two other quilts as well but I forgot to photograph them!
 Tarja and Jess are coming back again on Monday and we will be able to layer the last four quilts that are waiting and Jess can pick up any bits and pieces she still finds she needs.

Till next time.............happy stitching!


  1. All the quilts will be gorgeous when finished.
    I can see why Tarja wants to steal one of the ocean ones.LOL

  2. They are beauties, better keep them under lock and key----just kidding. How do your hands hold up to so much pinning?

  3. I would try to "pinch" one too!

  4. Can't blame her for wanting that one-- it is a beauty. So much fun going on there!

  5. Your navy quilts are turning out so good! And the RAEME quilt is so crisp and bold, love the colors!


  6. Looks like a fun day of quilting! Don't let her near them once they are finished!

  7. It must have been nice to have such great help. The quilts are looking awesome as usual!

  8. Those ocean quilts look amazing. What stunning work. I love dazzling teens with sewing projects with my established stash of fabrics - they are a difficult crowd to impress at the best of times. Love Posie


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