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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Marvelous Marg

My lovely Aussie Hero Friend Marg decided to help me out with the sewing for the Irish Charity Bazaar this year and sent me a huge bundle of homemade goodies to send over!

Check out these bags - great for the beach!
Ad some cute cushion covers
I really love the colours in this table runner.
These napkin holders, complete with gorgeous Aussie napkins are great too.
Another lovely cushion cover and check out the really neat satin stitch on the blossom!
Gorgeous zippered pouches
Cute kids pencil cases - I so love that fabric - where do you find fabric like this?
A cute little mug rug
A trio of Aussie zippered pouches
and a pretty soft pastel one
A really nifty folding shopping bag
which folds up really neatly and then the top folds over the picture and closes it all up.
And two nifty thing-a-ma-bobs for carrying a plate - and I bet Marg has a heap of these as she is such a great cook!
Thank you so much Marg!  You are the best!

Till next time..............happy stitching!


  1. What a great bunch of goodies!

  2. How wonderful that she is helping out. She is a great friend and even better seamstress!

  3. So many beautiful goodies. Those beach bags are fabulous. Is it a window screen insert?

  4. Well done Marg! That is a wonderful lot of goodies.

  5. Marg you have done a GREAT job.


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