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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Chocoholics Beware

I needed a special chocolate heavy recipe to make for a friend as a gift yesterday so I went on line to see what I could find and here is the result.  I got up nice and early this morning so I could bake them and then get some into the mail nice and fresh!

Rich Chocolate Cookies 
- but that name really doesn't do the cookies justice.
How about

Chocolate Overload
To Die For Cookies
Big Yum Cookies.

Alright maybe none of the above!

(Edit - my girlfriend made them today and she has renamed them the 
EAT AS YOU GO COOKIES!  Seems to work!)

I just know they are seriously yummy - perfect for dunking if that is what you like, gorgeous straight out of the oven and, by the way, my house smells delicious and these have the 
hard-won Guitar Hero seal of approval.

You will find the recipe here and it is simple enough.  I made a double quantity. 

Melt the butter and chocolate together then add in the remainder of the ingredients.

You are supposed to add in a cupful of chopped walnuts for each quantity but I don't know if my friend likes walnuts and I know they like chocolate so....I added a big bag of Smarties (like M&Ms for my American friends) 

You are then supposed to put the mix in the fridge for an hour to set hard enough to portion out but I find this makes the mix too hard.  So I just let it sit for about an hour (while I went and collected Fly Boy's Laptop which had been left behind on its own at the bus stop - yes he freaked out- yes so did I and yes - he was jolly lucky to get it back.  Honest Year 8 boy handed it in so I rewarded him with an itunes card!)  Anyway I digress - after an hour the mix was solid enough to scoop - if you don't have a scoop use a spoon - this mix will melt all over your hands into a sticky mess as there is so much chocolate in it.

And finally - the end result!  I have had one and I approve!  Guitar Hero loves them but there is no guarantee he will eat more - Fly Boy has so far not even bothered to try one!  Thank goodness I have friends to cook for.


Dare you to try them!  Such a pity you can scratch and sniff!

Till next time..............happy stitching!


  1. Yummy------along with a glass of cold milk, my kind of cookie.

  2. Yum! It's my husband's birthday today, so I'm making some treats. But he (and one of my daughters) doesn't like chocolate!!! How is that possible!!! So I am making banana bread and carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.

  3. They do look yummy! They would fly right off the plate at my house - okay - they probably wouldn't even make it from the cooling rack. My son would be hovering waiting to get his hands on them!

  4. G'day Jan-Maree,
    hee hee hee!.. I can do one better - MY DS#1 left DS#2's laptop on a Bus --- in DUBAI!....Yes it was handed in - all we have to do is personally go back and collect it!!!!!
    I'll try the cookies but will guarantee they won't last long here! Cheers Wendy

  5. mmmm they look yummy. I could use some chocolate about now.


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