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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Pizza Scrolls Anyone?

Well I promised you that I would show you how to make the things that I made for the lovely warrant officer (Did you see his cute comment on last night's post by the way?)  
Told you he was a sweetie!  Posie is a lucky girl - but she knows it!
Anyway back to the the menu for tonight. 

Pizza Scrolls.  

These are so easy to make - a 16 year old gave me the idea.  (Not mine by the way!)

Take one or two sheets of puff pastry and smear it all over with pizza sauce.  Leave about 1cm (half and inch) clear around the edge.  
Then layer on thinly sliced ham.  I used to use diced ham or bacon but the thin slices make it so much easier to roll up.  
After this sprinkle on the grated cheese - you put most of the cheese on the ham and just a little on the top bit with the tomato paste on it.
Now roll up starting with the ham end.  Roll as firmly as you can - this is where you benefit from the sliced rather than the diced.
Wet the top edge just a little with water so that you can press it onto the roll to seal it.  
Grab a sharp knife and cut into slices about 1cm or half an inch thick.  Place on trays covered with baking paper and then I usually sprinkle on a little extra grated cheese.
Bake in the over for about 20 minutes - a little longer if needed as you want the pastry to be nice and golden.
 I made these ones for Fly Boy to snack on when he got home late last night (yes, he is spoilt!) but he also took some in his lunch box today (he is attending a conference this week)
How is that for super Easy!

I happen to know that the lovely warrant officer and Posie were giving these a go tonight.  
Their gorgeous children enjoyed them on Sunday.

No sewing for me today or tonight.  Gumnuts met today and we worked on our string blocks.  They all needed trimming down and then we counted them up and worked out that we need another 22 to complete our desired Double Bed size quilt with 110 blocks.  It will be raffled by the local Fire Brigade.  Other Gumnuts are working on the remaining blocks and we will put the top together next meeting!

As for me, tonight I am going to be folding and sorting fabric.  I have had about three donations, including Posie's huge donation on Sunday and I am slowly working on getting it all folded and put away - NEATLY!

That might keep me off the sewing machine for a few evenings to come and that is when I normally do my Cherry Red sewing!

Till next time.................happy stitching!


  1. Oh yay, i didn't quite make them that way but they were delicious. They were competing with homemade pizza going in the oven, so i think mine could have done with a few more minutes of baking but our 4 children chowed down on them with delight. Thanks for the fabulous tip, i'll keep experimenting with them, what a brilliant snack idea. Thank you, love Posie

  2. mmm sounds so good. I will be there for dinner.

  3. they look so good! Will have to try them!

  4. They look delicious. My kids would have said you're a good 'cooker'.


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