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Monday, July 9, 2012

Some mothers do have them!

And I am so jealous!  Carol from Turramurra Quilteres - one of the infamous Turramurra Twins is really lucky!  She has not one, but two daughters who are now learning to quilt!  Jealous Much!  You betcha!

If you follow my other blog, Aussie Hero Quilts you will have seen a Tetris quilt that Carol's daughter Kirsten not only designed but also sewed and quilted. 

Well now here is Carol's other daughter Fiona.  She has recently made not one, but two, children's quilts with Cat in the Hat fabric.  Don't they look great.  both Disappearing Nine Patch quilts, almost the same fabric for both but both coming out so different.

 And can I say that I really love that fair-isle fabric. 
I would never think of buying it but now I want some! 

Now, where can I find me a daughter?

Till next time...........happy stitching!


  1. I've teased my son to please marry a girl who loves quilts!


  2. Lovely quilts from a young quilter. I tried to interest the girls in my family, but so far no one has been interested.

  3. I have 2 daughters...and neither one could sew a button on if their life depended on it!! ...where have I gone wrong LOL!

  4. Great quilts. I love it when young ones take up quilting. One of my DDs do but the other is not interested.
    You can get that fairisle fabric in Spotlight.....

  5. i have 5 in all but they come to me when they need something sewed

  6. You need to find someone who wants to learn to sew and quilt! You would be a great mentor!!

  7. At times I wonder if I had a third child would it have been a girl. Too late to think about it now - I can only hope my sons marry women that are interested in hanging out with me in the sewing room...and then...maybe there is the possibility of grand-daughters!!!


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