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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Happy 80th Birthday

We have just come back from a weekend in Melbourne to celebrate my Mother-in-Law's 80th birthday.  I had just enough time before we left to make some chocolate chips cookies to take down with us.  Instead of chocolate bits I used a packet of Easter coloured M&Ms.  

No one seemed to mind let me tell you!

These photos were taken on the Saturday night at the birthday dinner.   This is Grandma, the birthday girl, and Grandpa.
Grandpa in this one again and my hubby's oldest sister, Julie and her hubby Bob.  Bob and I used to work together and would you believe he first laid eyes on her on a photo that was on my desk among other family photos.  He was keen as mustard to meet her and when she came up for a visit they went out on a date and that was it!  After that it was just a matter of time till they got married and they have been devoted to each other since.  All from a picture on my desk!
 This is Ros and Peter, my hubby's younger sister and her hubby.
 Here are the cousins - minus the littlest one who was at a sleepover as there was no way she would have coped with the long night out.  These guys!  Once you get them together you can absolutely tell that they are related!  My two are Guitar Hero, second from the left and Fly Boy  second from the right!  
 Now we are back at home in Sydney and the new school term starts tomorrow!  Oh my goodenss - Year 11 exams are coming up - oh dear!

Till next time................happy stitching!


  1. Looks like happy and fun family time. The kids do look like they could all be siblings.

  2. Family time is always fun! And look, sort of smiling pictures of your boys!

  3. Such a nice family gathering to celebrate such an important birthday.

  4. his parents don't look that old nice looking family


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