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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Gathering Of Gumnuts...

 It was another Gumuts kind of day today.  My turn to host and although a few couldn't make it, most did and it was a good productive day.

First up we were visited by Amy, daughter of Mary.  Sadly Mary and her hubby Ian retired to Tasmania a couple of years ago after Ian left the navy.  Amy has two of the cutest little boys and has been slowly working on super cute quilt - I can't tell you the designer and quilt name but if anyone wants it I can get it for you! 

Amy has button hole stitched this ALL by HAND and now she is set to quilt it by hand.  Today we layered it for her while the boys kept her hands busy!  LOL.
This is Aiden - CUTE!
 And this is Liam - also CUTE but not wanting to cooperate with having his picture taken!
 See - CUTE!

After Amy and the tiny two left we moved on to a bit of a show and tell.  Del has been slowly emboidhttp://aussieheroquilts.blogspot.com.au/2012/06/looooong-post-today-grab-cuppa.htmlering over this red work panel.  This is going to be a quilt for the Women's Refuge
Aren't these pictures swet?
Love Humpty!

Del also pieced this cute quilt.  If you look closely it is all Warner Brother characters - The Flintstones, Yogi Bear, Scooby Doo and more!  Another Women's Refuge Quilt.
Cynthia took some leftover squares and turned out this lovely Disappearing nine patch quilt for a boy!
I think I may have shown you the next few before but this time they are completed except maybe a little binding 
 And the backing...
Love this one!  Not back considering it is based around that farm yard fabric which is a recycled children's curtain! 
And the back - more curtaining! 
Vroom  Vroom!!! 
Back again! 
These are all for the Women's Refuge but this is for a Mum. 
As is this 
 and this - I think we all think this is a beauty!
 Even the back is pretty.
Still love that sashing! 
And finally - a couple of things not for the Women's Refuge.  Cynthia has yet to add the borders to this one but this is for her tiny nephews to use in the car as an I Spy quilt.  
We also managed to layer two quilts, decide on plan for the Annual Quilt we make for the local Bushfire Brigade, resolved to use up more of the stash stored in my back room and solved a few of the problems of the world!   What more could you ask?

Busy day and an equally busy evening with Aussie Heroes so I am heading off to bed.  Back again tomorrow!

Till next time......................happy stitching!


  1. Wow, y'all have certainly been a busy group! The farm quilt, all buttonhole stitched by hand...awesome!


  2. wow, that is a lot of great quilting!! Love the Farm quilt!

  3. wonderful quilts wow that a lot of work

  4. Definitely a good day's work...and I am glad you were able to solve some of the world's problems too!

  5. What a lot go work! Incredible hive of busy quilters!

  6. Umm . . . lots of cute quilts, but where are the goodie pictures?? You know, those tasty morsels you bake for your fellow quilters?!! I know you didn't leave those ladies without food!

    Seriously though, that's a bunch of really nice quilts for your charity. Love the embroidered quilt.

  7. that looks very time consuming, well done on doing so many :)


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