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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Three kinds of cute!

First cute thing!

Last month I featured the wonderful award winning quilts of one of my new friends, Liz.  I "met" Liz through Aussie Heroes and I am so glad!  She makes the most amazing quilts! Check out one of her latest!  
She has just completed this one and it is a raffle quilt to raise funds for cystic fibrosis.  
Isn't it just magic!
She has just completed another gorgeous one for Aussie Heroes but I can't show that to you yet as it will be on the Aussie Hero blog tomorrow night - you might like to check it out then.  

And now for the second cute thing!

This is Maisy..


What a difference!  I reckon she feels so much better once all that hair cut off.  I think she looks so cute with all her long sily hair but what doesn't show up in the pics is where the knots are and it is so fine (and she is such a sook) that you can't get them out.

And just coz she has fans of her own (yes, really!) here is Snickers the Diva herself!
 And last cute thing!
Well sort of.  This is the beginning of the watery quilt I am about to start sewing for the Head Chaplain.  I just love this turtle fabric.  I think those turtles are so cute.  I have cut these squares but I am planning on more fussy cut ones once I work out how many I need.  

 I am going to piece these strips into squares - you will see what I mean tomorrow hopefully and then dot the whole picture squares in among them randomly.  

I know what it looks like in my head.  Let's hope it translates to the fabric!

Till next time..................happy stitching!


  1. What a fabulous quilt....

    Poor Maisy... She looks cold now...
    Looking forward to seeing what you make out of the great fabric.

  2. WOW!! WHAT a transformatiion! Hope she appreciates what you have done! lol!
    LOVE the quilts

  3. Oh my gosh Jan-Maree! What did you do to little Maisy, isn't it winter in Australia? Brrrrrr
    I really love the auction quilt, that snake wrapped around the sashing is awesome!

  4. The quilt is beautiful. I am so in love with all the detail. Maisy is cute. I just love her ears she and Snickrs are so darn cute. Can not wait to see the progress of the turtle quilt.

  5. Snazzy ocean quit. Cute puppies!

  6. The quilt is fantastic - whoever receives it will be thrilled! Cute doggie pictures...whenever my dog gets her hair cut she also looks like a completely different pup.

  7. Those sea animals are very cute - love the idea you have for this quilt. Hope there are no more tension issues.
    Your dogs are cute with and without hair - hope she has a nice warm coat to wear.
    Enjoy sewing the blues.


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