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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Oh my stars

I only managed a little Cherry Red sewing tonight - a few more stars in fact.  These are for my special RAEME quilt for Aussie Heroes.  I have a special sewing day happening on Saturday in a class room at a store that has decided to support us so I have decided that would be a really good time to put the quilt top together so I want to try and get all the stars completed before then.  
 The black and white star is to go on the back.  The recipient of this quilt is a fitter armorer so tools like spanner, drill, lathe, mill, grinder, file, guillotine, welder are his tools of the trade.  This Tool fabric will be great for the back so I thought I would add some stars in to connect it to the front better. 
The red, blue and gold are the RAEME colours but the white is designed to tie in the white from the Aussie Flag.  I am really looking forward to fiddling this all together!  Here are all the blocks I have made so far just so you don't think I am just showing you photos of ones I have already done!  LOL
Till next time................happy stitching!


  1. Very appropriate for the recipient. Have fun this weekend at the shop, so nice that they are lending their support to your cause.

  2. Having the support of the store will be a big boost to your efforts! News will spread and I bet more people will want to join in. That's the experience I have from the time I worked in a quilt shop.

    I love how you are personalizing the quilt for this hero! I'm sure he will be thrilled!


  3. i like that and those tools will be great

  4. Very pretty blocks. Think the black and white is going to add some interest. How many are you making?


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