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Monday, June 4, 2012

Guitar Hero and more

It is really quite convenient that my sons don't read my blog.  It means I can post pictures of them, which I am not allowed to do on facebook, and they wouldn't have a clue.  Tonight hubby and I attended the school's Annual Music Showcase.  Honestly the talent of these kids just blows me away.  I really enjoy the whole show, not just my kids.  Tonight, in our family, it was Guitar Hero's turn.  (bet you thought it was Fly Boy)   No?  The first photo is not so good. but that is him on the left.   This is what they call the Busker's Club and it is a large group - several girls singing, drums, keyboard and guitars.
 The second shot is much better and shows his handsome face and that gorgeous short haircut - hallelujah for private schools with dress standards for haircuts!   
 I managed to do a fair bit of sewing today but most of it was for Aussie Heroes.  Tutorial for String Blocks on Aussie Heroes if you are interested.  It is this month's BOM.  I also sewed half a laundry bag that I want to get in the mail tomorrow morning but then I managed to finish the nine patches for this quilt - my quilt for this year's International Charity Bazaar.  This was the planned layout - note I still have to cut some more solid blocks...
 but I think I like this layout better.  What does everyone else think?
I don't have enough orange to swap the colours around so the orange has to stay in the corners and the centre  if I do it this way.

Hmm, it will be a couple of days before I can get back to it so I will sleep on it and see what everyone else things!

Baking day tomorrow as the Gumnuts are coming on Wednesday.  I am thinking Soup for lunch, banana and orange cake, and maybe a slice with cheese, dips and grapes.

Till next time...................happy stitching!


  1. Your boys are growing up so quickly! I know you are so proud!

    I like the second arrangement of your quilt better! Satisfies my OCD!


  2. Nice photo og your boy...
    Now I prefer the first. so that didn't help at all.

  3. you should be very proud of those boys....and yes you are right, it is good they dont read your blog LOL
    I think I like the first layout better.

  4. How wonderful that your son is so talented! I know you're proud of both of them!
    I actually like the second arrangement better. You won't go wrong either way, though!

  5. Such a handsome fella! I like both layouts...I am not very much help at all.

  6. Oh, you must be so proud of your boys. GH looks so handsome playing his guitar and I'm sure he sounds great. I think I like the second arrangement just a tad more than the first.


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