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Monday, June 11, 2012

Baking, and Borders to come

I have been flat out today - answering and replying to emails after that awesome video from Egypt last night but I still managed to get a little baking done - as per a request from Fly Boy I made a batch of Chocolate Caramel slice.  I made some last week but decided that the base was too thick but I really loved the way topping was made and the resulting taste.  Then I was given another recipe and I thought, well you don't know until you try it so try it I did.  I still think the base is a bit too thick so maybe I will have to try again. What I have decided I like is using copha with the chocolate in the top as it sets better and stays firmer than butter does.  Hopefully Guitar Hero and Fly Boy will eat it up as this is a perilous thing to have in the fridge.  So far the signs are not good - it has been in the fridge ready to eat since dinner finished and savoury things have been the flavour of the night.  Grrr!
 I also managed some sewing but it hasn't resulted in a very exciting picture.  My quilt for Ireland is now ready for borders but I want to see it in the daylight before I commit rotary cutter to fabric.   It was so dark and rainy tonight by 430 you would have thought it was at least two hours later.
Hopefully tomorrow I will get the borders on as I would really like to get this layered by the end of the week.

And just before I go...

Jane M asked me for the details for the cute farmyard quilt that Amy completed.  Unfortunately you are a noreply blogger Jane so I can't email the details to you.  Hopefully you will read tonight's post and see them  
The quilt is called Little Macca's Farm by Kookaburra Cottage and is only available as a BOM.

Till next time..................happy stitching!


  1. Dessert looks yummy, I'm sure Fly Boy liked it even if not set. Nice quilt for Ireland.

  2. Oh you do like to tease Jan-Maree LOL

  3. mmm dessert looks so yummy. You know it will be all gone in no time.

  4. I had to go look up that farm quilt. CUTE! I am finally catching up. You only had 27 posts in my reader. Not bad out of 3000...


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