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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Girly stuff

Some time ago, way back here, I showed some of my friend Del's work.  She is working on the most gorgeous pieced and embroidered quilt.   You can see more of it here.   Last Wednesday Del brought her latest block to show me and so that I could share it with you.  This is going to be such a pretty quilt once it is finished.
As far as I know Del said she has just one block left to finish and that is the centre one which is mostly embroidery.  Happy stitching Del!

And recently I showed you the tracksuits I made for my niece in Melbourne.  Guess I got the size right.  Honestly she is the spitting image of her mum!
This morning I had a lot of errands to do and then I came home and finished off this cake.  It is just a Triple Chocolate Temptation Cake as per the request but I made it with the cookies lying flat down instead of on their sides and layered them around the place and used several layers to build it up to cake shape.  Then I covered it with a second layer of cream so I was nice and white and added the pink marshmallow flowers.
The final touch for a 17 year old girl's birthday cake is edible glitter.  I think you can just see it on this picture.  In real life it looked so pretty and sparkly.  This is for a friend of Fly Boy's.  He has gone to her birthday party tonight and all she asked for was a cake-size cake as opposed to a log so I think she will be pleasantly surprised by the extra pretties.  I hope so anyway.
I doubt I am going to get much more done tonight.  I am off again in 15 minutes to collect Fly Boy from the party - that on its own would not be so bad except that I drive 30 minutes to the party house, collect Fly Boy and friend, drive 30 minutes to the friend's house and then 20 minutes back home.  Fun, Fun, Fun!   NOT!!!!!

Till next time.............happy stitching!


  1. I'm salivating here!! I'll take a slice, please!!

    Your niece is adorable in her new little tracksuit!!

  2. Oh yes please I would love a piece too..

    You are a good Mum driving the boys..

  3. beautiful little girl and great looking cake

  4. Your niece looks adorable - a very sweet model...and your cake looks good too!

  5. This is so beautiful, the sweet little angel girl & the incredible cake, you are a super special person Jan-Maree.
    That post on Aussie Heroes today, i'm still in tears, thank you, love Posie


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