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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Puppy Heavy Post

Not that long ago I was too tired to do much more than sort out some scraps and I pulled out a bunch of strips.  Tonight I spent a little time sewing them together and now I am trying to decide what to do with them.  I am thinking I might cut them up and make a chinese coin quilt or maybe I will cut it up into little strips and add them to some solid and make some random blocks with them.   I think I need to sew a few more strips first.  
Tonight hubby and I folded all the laundry while watching TV.  Maisy was sitting next to hubby and when I looked up he had one by one thrown all the boys' undies on her head!  Poor baby!  Just as I took the photo she laid her head down.

 Look at that face!

 What you can't see is that even though evil hubby buried her she still wagged her tail every time we spoke! 
 Ahhh, that is better now.
 and for the Snickers fans - here you go - just one picture!
Planning a big day of sewing tomorrow - finish my niece's track suit tops, layer a quilt, add borders to another - who know what else I will get done- just please let me get more than nothing done!!!

Till next time................happy stitching!


  1. Very cute pictures - the indignities that our wonderful pups will suffer, and still, they love us!

  2. the things a dog has to put up with xx

  3. Our little dog put up with a lot from us and still give us all their love. Maisy has such a cute face, love those ears.

  4. Your doggies are so cute! I love how their tails wag just being around us!! Unconditional love at its finest!!

  5. Awww puppy love. I just love those puppy dog eyes.

  6. What?? A husband that can fold laundry and watch TV? Mine can't even fold his newspaper when done with it and snores louder than the TV he insists he is watching...should I want something in English. Those canine kids are too cute.


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